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  IMPERIALISM, THE HIGHEST STAGE OF CAPITALISM: Class 1   READINGA.   Anti-imperialist Struggle is Key to Liberation, Leon Trotsky B. Lenin, Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, Sections I- VII [66 pages]   DISCUSSION POINTS Why does capitalist competition inevitably lead to the formation of monopolies? What does Lenin mean when he says that capitalist monopolies are … Continue reading

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What Is To BE DONE? study guide

Note:   Few of Lenin’s works are more controversial than What Is To Be Done.”  WITBD supposedly demonstrates Lenin’s contempt for workers and their ability to achieve class consciousness as well as the seeds of a later Stalinism. Like many of Lenin’s writings, WITBD was intended to address urgent political tasks in Russia under conditions of … Continue reading



Study Guide: LEFT-WING’ COMMUNISM (Class 1) READING A.  Lenin, ‘Left- Wing‘ Communism -An Infantile Disorder, Sections I-VI [32 pages] SUPPLEMENTARY READING B   Trotsky, “The School of Revolutionary Strategy,” The First Five Years of the Communist International, Vol. 2 C   Sectarianism, Centrism, and the Fourth International, Trotsky DISCUSSION POINTS 1 What were the principal stages in the development … Continue reading

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The Legacy of the Russian Revolution

The Legacy of the Russian Revolution Kunal Chattopadhyay source: Radical Socialist -India The Russian Revolution is dead – screech bourgeois scholars and journalists. When bourgeois commentators and professors speak of it, they do so as though it was nothing but an egregious mistake that the world has evolved beyond, a costly mistake that resulted in … Continue reading

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The 1907 International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart

The 1907 International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart The first volume of John Riddell’s series “The Communist International in Lenin’s Time: Lenin’s Struggle for a Revolutionary International,” has a really interesting essay from Lenin after the 1907 Stuttgart congress of the Second International.  It’s available on MIA: It has two really good concepts: Lenin starts to … Continue reading