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Flagrant Violations of Voting Rights in CT

Flagrant Violations of Voting Rights in CT Petitions for Socialist Candidate Still Not Checked; Signatures Illegally Rejected Call Secretary of State, Denise Merrill Now! Count Every Signature! Summary: The Secretary of State’s office is threatening to rule Socialist and Iraq War Veteran, Fred Linck off the ballot when dozens of petitions are still in the … Continue reading

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After a Trump Victory, We Will Fight Back!

  After a Trump Victory, We Will Fight Back! A Trump victory is a blow against the working class. In the face of a racist, sexist, xenophobic President, we must fight back! originally published on Left Voice Reactionary reality TV star and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump defeated former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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Legacy of Police Impunity Boils Over

Legacy of Police Impunity Boils Over  By Barry Sheppard    Once again the deep racism and racial divide in the United States has burst upon the national scene, dominating newspapers, TV and social media.   Since 2014 videos taken by witnesses of police murders of Black people spurred the rise of the Black Lives Matter … Continue reading

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How should workers respond to right wing voter intimidation?

How should workers respond to right wing voter intimidation?  J Leslie An ultraright militia group called the Wisconsin Poll Watcher Militia, in an effort to suppress minority voting in the Wisconsin election, is planning to show up armed at polling places in majority Black precincts. The so-called Poll Watcher Militia wants to help reactionary Governor … Continue reading

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BIG BROTHER? by Mumia Abu-Jamal New Item: According to London’s The Guardian, U.S. Intelligence agencies have reviewed telephone records of some 121 million Americans. … Imagine if such news emerged during the height of the Bush presidency?  The outcry would’ve been stupendous. Newspaper headlines, 10 points high, would blare about how “outrageous!” was such a … Continue reading