Swimming for Health

Swimming is often not considered as a convenient form of exercise because it requires access to the water body, which is something not everyone has. Unlike other basic exercises like yoga and walking, swimming also requires one to undergo the learning process, have proper garb ready etc.

Hence, it is often not considered when it comes to doing physical activity for better health.

Notwithstanding the logistical problems associated with it, one cannot deny the benefits of swimming.

Due to its holistic impact and help during healing, many professionals like a Physiotherapist in Lahore may also perform these for their patient’s rehabilitation.

Other benefits of swimming to consider include:

Good for mood

Our lives today have become riddled with stress and anxiety. The assault and impact of these forces is rather grave. They not only jeopardize mental health but physical health as well.

Exercises like swimming help in improving mood, de stressing, and an overall better mental health. Swimming especially is a cathartic experience; you submerge your problems in the water, and marvel at your body’s ability to perform!

Decent number of calories burnt

Although the exact number of calories burnt is contingent on what type of swimming you are doing, your body form, how long you swim for, but generally, swimming can help you burn greater number of calories, despite being low impact otherwise.

Some types of swimming exercises burn calories comparable to that of running or jogging even. So, if you want to lose weight along the process, you should definitely consider swimming.

Low impact

While high-impact exercises are great for burning greater number of calories in lesser amount of time, but these also strain the body. Not only are the high impact workouts hard to do, which is why many fail to follow through, but the risk of injuries also runs greater with them.

Moreover, high impact exercises may not be suitable for everyone, especially older people, those with joint problems or similar mobility issues.

Low impact exercises like swimming are therefore better. They help you stay fit, be active, are not hard on your joints. They don’t make you completely out of breath, and thus easier to perform.

Muscle strength

You would think you need to run or lift weights to form lean and strong muscles, but swimming can also help you with that. It won’t make your body buff, but it will certainly help with the lithe swimmer’s body.

Another advantage is that your entire body gets a workout in the process; the glutes, legs, core, arms, all the major muscles are involved for in swimming. Hence, swimming holistically helps in improving muscle strength and mass.

May improve cognitive health

There are many everyday factors that jeopardize your brain’s functioning. Consumption of certain foods like sugar that promote inflammation is one of the major issues facing your cognitive health. Too much sugar or glucose in the body also increases the risk of insulin resistance, which then also harms the cognitive health.

Swimming, on the other hand, can help with improving brain functioning. Since it is good form of cardio, it increases the utilization of glucose. It also helps in reducing inflammation in the body.

Hence, it can help you stay more focused and improve your critical thinking skills.

Improves bone density

There are many reasons why you may have weak bones; it may be nutritional problems, lack of workout, age, or gender related issues etc. No matter what the underlying cause, weak bones mean greater risk of problems like fractures and osteoporosis.

Loss of bone density can be prevented with the aid of exercise. When you work out, you help your muscles and thus bones become stronger, which abates the symptoms of issues like osteoporosis. Swimming can also be good for people having arthritis but be sure to first contact your Physiotherapist in Islamabad and seek their help to utilize swimming as an aide.