Statistics on Mobile App Usage and Growth Till 2023 and Beyond

With the growing demand for mobile apps, an app development company or business’s significance and function are growing. Businesses today heavily rely on mobile apps. You want to make a mobile app for your business as a result. By granting you the ability to scale, some companies take care of publishing you and your clients.

The year 2022 is almost gone, and businesses are still getting over the losses they sustained during the pandemic crisis. All thanks to the most recent technological advancements and digital-first approaches that allowed them to maintain their company operations while working remotely by switching to cross-platform digital, mobile-first, and cloud-based solutions. 

Nowadays, a significant portion of people own cell phones. The use of smartphones in particular is expanding. Business owners, students, and individuals in other professions now embrace the usage of cell phones in their daily activities, particularly after the post-pandemic phase. There is a lot to discover about mobile phones. Take, for instance, instant clicks, browsing, and downloading apps. The rapidly expanding use of mobile apps inspires IT, industry leaders, to introduce more improvements in the field. This will also open up several options for companies to differentiate themselves from their rivals.

We use our phones while at work, at home, out and about, eating, sleeping, and even in our cars. Perhaps you’re reading this right now on a mobile device. So, what are people using their phones for? Well, applications account for 88% of all mobile time. App development is getting better and better, which is great news for app publishers and developers. However, to have a successful app publishing and development industry, two things must happen.

  • Users must download your software
  • Users must use your software

These two ostensibly straightforward tasks served as my inspiration for writing this guide. It is known to all that in this era the maximum number of people are using applications more than ever before. But in terms of the information that is currently accessible on this usage, that is merely the tip of the iceberg.


The industry for Mobile App Development has seen tremendous improvements and elevations as a result of the large daily growth in the demand for mobile applications. We’ve put together a compilation of statistics demonstrating innovation in the mobile app market. 

A) Increasing the Base of Smartphone Users

Since the smartphone revolution, the number of users has increased significantly, rising by 0.3 to 0.6 billion annually. As you can see in the graph above, there were 3.6 billion smartphone users in 2016, but as of 2022, there will be 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide. By 2027, there should be 7.7 billion smartphone users worldwide.

Users of Mobile Devices: Android vs. iOS 

1) International Market 

Android consumers unquestionably dominate the market when it comes to the rivalry between Android and iOS mobile phones, with 72.2% of the global market share. 

2) US market 

iOS has a larger market share than Android in the US, accounting for 57% of all mobile device users in the country. 

3) UK Market 

Both the iOS and Android marketplaces are in intense competition in the UK mobile market. Android users dominated the market with 53% of the user base in the Q3 2020 survey, whereas iOS users had 51.6% of the user base and Android users had 47.8% in the Q3 2021 survey. 

With this kind of forecasting, it makes sense for firms to create a mobile application to connect with as many potential clients as possible. Additionally, the number of tablets sold globally has surged 36% in the past six years to close to 1.14 billion units, demonstrating the demand for cross-platform app development.

Usage of Smartphones 

When you look around you in public, you’ll see that everyone is actively engaged in some form of mobile activity. In 2021, the typical individual checked their smartphones for 4 hours and 23 minutes daily, according to research. It is the assumption that the time spent using mobile applications will rise by 4 hours and 35 minutes by 2023 as they become more commonplace.

Additionally, a typical smartphone addict looks at their device’s screen 250-262 times every day, or less than 5 minutes. This rise in extensive smartphone use is being driven by the digitization of financial, retail, and management services as well as the accessibility of enjoyable content.


Without downloads, apps cannot succeed. Although it seems straightforward, app owners far too frequently ignore this. Even if your programme is the best on the planet, you won’t get paid if no one downloads it. 

Therefore, you must invest the necessary time in conducting the necessary research before you can convince them to download your app. I’ve selected the most pertinent mobile app download data for 2022 to get you going. Smartphones and tablets are being used by people all around the world. Worldwide app downloads are rising along with the popularity of mobile app usage. The number of app downloads is increasing yearly. The upcoming years will also see a continuation of this pattern. More than 218 billion apps must have had high downloads last year. That represents a nearly 7% increase from the previous year. 

The graph shows that there was a 55% increase between 2016 and 2020. Though not quite as pronounced, the increase rate year over year is nevertheless increasing.

Google Play Store Vs Android Store

Apple App Store is the second largest and a strong rival to Google App Store with a user base which comes from different regions of geography.

1) Google Play Store

For even the most basic search query, Google is the most popular and frequently used platform by the global audience base every day. In the first quarter of 2022, the community identified over 2.65 million android apps with 494K+ authors in the Google Play Store alone. The number of apps on the Google Play Shop is growing every day even though the store is eliminating spam and low-quality apps. 

About 3,739 new mobile apps are added to the Google Play Store each day! Google Play has surpassed all other mobile app stores in the globe in terms of the number of apps available. Given the growing amount of apps available on the Google Play Store, the most recent app download rate was approximately 111.3 billion, up 50% over the rate in 2016. 

2) Apple Store

With a user base that is diversified in terms of geography, Apple App Store is the second largest and a strong rival to Google App Store. This section includes major differences between Android based and iOS based mobile applications. There are currently 724K+ publishers globally and 2.11 million iOS mobile apps accessible in the App Store. 

Out of all iOS apps available on the App Store, there are roughly 221,666 games, with the rest being non-game apps. On June 2022, 36 thousand iOS mobile apps will be made available worldwide through the App Store, predicts the most recent Statista poll.

Paid Vs Free Downloads

While developing the app, everyone thinks of how to monetize it so that they earn profits out of it from their huge customer base.

The primary motivation behind your app development is to gain profit. Usually, one thinks of charging fees for the app, but if you charge for it, people won’t download your App

So let’s look into the quantity of free and premium app downloads. Global downloads are almost exclusively free. Free apps generate 98% of all app revenue worldwide. Only a small percentage of consumers are prepared to pay for downloads. One needs to understand that one does not abandon the concept of releasing a paid application altogether. Both approaches offer advantages depending on the kind of app you have. 

Few mobile users will download the app if you charge for downloads at first. And it is so as people do not want to spend if they can get something similar without paying any fees or charge so they are now used to using free apps.

Paid app users, however, are more likely to be active users. They won’t spend money on something they won’t ever use. But your app can still help you earn money in an easy way. If you already have a company with a good customer database and later when you launch an app of the same company then it should be offered to your customer without any additional cost. Users paying for downloading the apps is not the case nowadays. This is because the vast majority of programme that are sold in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store are free.


After studying mobile app development and revenue creation for businesses, you might be motivated to construct your mobile application. Do you know what kind of app development is being done? What kind of mobile app do you want to design, in a nutshell? This will be crucial when looking for a Malaysian mobile app developer or any other form of mobile app development company. Please allow us to facilitate your study. 

  1. Apps for messaging, chatting, and video calling 
  2. Apps for social media 
  3. Apps related to Finance (E-wallets, net banking, stock market) 
  4. Apps related to Mobile games 
  5. Apps for streaming video


We use mobile apps daily. The year 2022 will remain a significant one for the mobile app market. Every piece of data we study reveals that, even though mobile usage and penetration are at an all-time high, the trend is still rising. So, if someone is planning to develop an app then one should definitely look into the idea seriously. But the creator of an app must make sure that their App is fit to all recent modern trends and technologies. In the coming years, new technologies are expected to significantly enhance the user experience, performance, and security of mobile apps.