Start Your Influencer Era on Youtube With These Tips! 

The world of social media is humongous with over more than 5 Billion videos watched per day and 30 million daily viewers. Being a creative influencer on youtube is not easy though. It needs constant motivation, creative head and proper skill to engage viewers. There is no shortage of audience on youtube however attracting the attention is challenging. That’s why you need a proper instruction manual to help become a creative influence on Youtube. 

Before jumping into the youtube influencer business, you need to understand how it works. You need to find your niche and create content on that. You can create content on all sorts of topics like food, gaming, skin care routines, music videos and even a Series of ‘Get Ready With Me’ for a vacation. Just for benefit, you can travel to destinations to enjoy a vacation as well as create content on it. The vacation vlog will entice your audience to watch it and you can also generate monetization through it afterwards. Speaking of vacations, you can get the cheapest flights on Vootfly for your preferred vacation spot. You can find great deals on flights and vacation packages also. You are probably wondering how to start your journey on youtube, so just for you, we have prepared a manual just for that. Keep on reading to know more. 

From Where To Begin? 

Just posting random videos on Youtube won’t help you, there is so much to do before you start actually. It demands investments, immense time and creativity to gain a stable base among other famous Youtubers. Start from the very beginning to have fruitful results on your youtube channel.  

  1. Find Your Niche

A novice will start posting random videos of all sorts of genres to attract the attention of the audience; however, this works just the opposite. That’s why you need to find your niche based on your interests to create content relevant to those interests.  

For instance, a fashion blogger can upload new tips on fashion trends or fashion ideas for events, meetings, dates or what and how to pair clothes. Similarly, such genre specific ideas will keep your channel organised. 

  1. Develop An Outline of Your Channel 

A channel without an outline is like a book without a content page. Create certain goals to achieve through your youtube channel. Decide firmly about what sort of content you will be posting on the channel. The key to a successful Youtube page is consistency.You need to be careful while creating content because millions of audience will be viewing that.  Also, keep in mind that Youtube follows strict regulations and moderation to maintain a clean atmosphere on their platform. That’s why creating genuine content for your audience or attracting an audience will be difficult and ultimately monetization of your channel will be problematic. 

  1. Brainstorming is Important 

Creative ideas will only flourish once you brainstorm about it. Any random content on Youtube won’t work to gain viewers and subscribers. Research about on-demand videos and ideas up to date that attracts the audience. Put your own touch into those ideas and create videos but never plagiarise. 

You can collect plenty of ideas beforehand so that you don’t run out soon and lose inspiration. Your videos should establish your motive for the channel otherwise you won’t gain viewers. 

  1. Determine Proper Equipments 

Proper audio and visual quality will increase your chances of being seen in the plethora of videos. The quality of content is directly dependent on the equipment you use. However, the genuine quality of your content is important too even if you don’t have proper equipment. But a couple of devices and software are necessary to start. Firstly, an efficient computer is required to edit and upload your videos, you also need any editing software to edit your videos. Window Movie maker, Filmora and Adobe Premiere Pro which offers excellent video editing tools and improve quality too. For recording, you can use a high-end camera and advanced microphone for best results. 

  1. Fix A Schedule 

Consistency is the key to increase engagement on your channel. Your engagement with followers depends on how regularly you post your videos.

Before deciding on a schedule, you need to research about which time and day works the best for engagement. Make sure your schedule is public for the audience to view so that they can anticipate your video. Usually a weekly schedule is advisable to beginners to maintain a healthy timeline between each video.

  1. Launch Your Channel 

After putting every behind the scene details, create your channel with a catchy name to make first impact on your potential audience. Upload a unique banner and profile picture related to the content you will post. Add your schedule and small description of yourself and the channel in the header. Make sure your description is enticing, crispy and short. Also use keywords in your description so that people can find your channel while searching the keywords. Add a pleasant colour scheme to your channel that matches the aesthetic of your content. These minute details attract the audience’s overall attention to your channel. 

How to Monetize Your Youtube Influencer Account

Youtube is a very helpful platform to earn money. Youtube Influencers earn money through several ways like sponsorships, collaboration, affiliated links, even through their subscribers and viewerships. About 40% youtube influencers are generating six figure income from Youtube only. If you want to monetize your influencer account, you need to be part of the Youtube Partner Program to start earning. There are few requirements that you need to fulfil before monetizing your account. 

  1. The channel must have over 1k subscribers.
  2. The channel must have more than 4000 hours of views per year.
  3. The channel should be approved by Youtube 
  4. The influencer should have a legit Google AdSense account. 
  5. The channel and influencer should agree to the terms and conditions of the program. 

Once the channel is approved by Youtube under the program, the Youtube influencer can start earning via ad revenue. The monetization mechanism works through cost per thousand views (CPM) and Cost per Click (CPC). Keep in mind that Google only pays about 68% of a video’s revenue as it also drives profit from you. However, this is not the only way Youtubers earn. 

How To Earn From Youtube Indirectly?

Apart from earning through the videos, an influencer can earn through various ways. 

  1. Become an Affiliate Marketer and Join the Youtube Partner Program
  • You can register at YPP as a youtube influencer and let youtube monetize your videos with ads to help you earn profits.
  • You can also register yourself at affiliated marketing platforms like Rakuten or Ebay, Skims. Once approved, you can grab affiliated links of brands and add them to your Youtube videos descriptions box. Whenever your viewer clicks or purchases from that link, you will receive a fixed percentage of commission for the company. 
  1. Start earning on Youtube as an Amazon influencer 
  • Becoming an Amazon influencer by teaming up with Amazon is more profitable than you think. Just like affiliated marketing, you can sign up and get approved to promote Amazon listed products on your youtube channel. On every click and purchase from that link, Amazon will pay you 8-10% of commission. 
  1. Pairup with Brands and Collaborations 

Many Youtube influencers pair themselves with brands to promote their products. For instance, you can share your review and praise the product in your Youtube video. Or you can collaborate with other youtuber influencers to share subscribers and views. 

Tips for Your Youtube Channel

  1. The title of your video should be short and compelling. It should be easier to search on Youtube. 
  2. Thumbnails should be quirky to get the audience immediate attention. The more aesthetic it is, the more viewers. 
  3. You can create your own watermark so that subscribers can identify your videos and share them.
  4. Follow Youtube Guidelines to avoid banning also. 

Bottom Line 

The digitised world has opened diverse ways for people to generate income. A creative idea with a well executed plan can get your income started as well. That’s why becoming a creative influencer on Youtube is so popular nowadays. Plan your strategies and line up your specific content on the platform for viewers and eventually you will grow subscribers and will start earning money. 

Remember, before starting your channel, you have to identify your audience and their taste. This manual will help you to become a creative influencer of Youtube. 

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