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The first known Slavic language with written texts is thought to be Slovene. The first records of the Slovene written language can be found in Freising monuments from the tenth and eleventh centuries.

Slovene is a member of the Slavic languages of the South. Developing 50 distinct dialects and two acknowledged phonetic systems is a unique trait.

About Slovenian Language

A South Slavic language, Slovenian or Slovene, is one of the three official languages spoken by the Slovenes. The Slovene language is used in all public, private and social communications and is the official language of Slovenia’s republic. 

Slovene Slovenščina Slovenian, the South Slavic language, is spoken in adjacent parts of Austria, Italy and Slovenia and is written in the Roman (Latin) alphabet. 

Slovenian language has a range of dialects of around fifty, with at least eight regional varieties and not all equally comprehensible. 

As a portion of the European Union, Slovene is also one of its 28 working and official languages and one of the most ancient languages in Europe. It is thoroughly associated with Serbian and Croatian, particularly in the Kajkavia and  Čakavian dialects.

Country and Slovenian language profile 

Slovenia’s population is usually characterized as a high social and economic level county with a population of 2.05 million people. Slovenia attracts many tourists from all corners of Europe and has a distinctive cultural attribute. 

Tourist attractiveness can be attributed to the architectural splendours and its natural beauty. 

There are wineries, medieval castles, old caves, and skiing and spa resorts throughout the country. In Slovenia, where there are more casinos (per capita) than anyplace else in the EU, the gambling industry is at home.

For ages, Slovenia’s capital city, Ljublijana, has served as a significant trading and cultural hub for Germanic, Slavic, and Roman cultures 

With a population of around 90% of native speakers, Slovenia is one of the most identical countries in the European Union regarding the sum of native language speakers.  

Slovene is frequently referred to as the most diversified Latin language due to the variety of dialects that are spoken across the nation.

Now let us understand about WordPress, and why it plays a significant in Slovenian translation.

What is WordPress?

A WordPress translation plugin translates the text on your website into various languages, enabling users to view it in the language of their choice. Automatic machine translation and self-translation are the two categories into which WordPress translation plugins typically fall.

Why choose WordPress?

WordPress controls over 43% of all websites, most not in English. The sum of non-English websites is increasing day by day

Over 56% of WordPress sites are being shaped in languages other than U.S. English. This shows there is a huge opportunity for translating your website in various languages and going multilingual.

But getting started can be baffling, even for qualified WordPress users. You might be questioning about WordPress usage? So let us understand WordPress in detail.

Do You Need to Translate Your WordPress Website?

Decoding your WordPress content isn’t something you do for entertainment—it’s rather you do with an approach in mind. So if you’re speculating if you need a bilingual site, it’s ideal to start by checking if you’re already getting global traffic.

Choosing a Solution for Translating Your WordPress Site

Before plunging into translating your WordPress site or website, there are three key things to think about:

·        What is your budget?

Do you prefer a free option or are you content with making a recurring monthly payment for excellent translations?

·        How much time do you have? 

Do you have time to manage it ongoing and manually translate your content, or would you prefer a key that does it mechanically for you?

·        How important is accuracy and quality? 

Does your business trade services or sell products where there’s no room for mistake and precision is vital?  For instance, law, finance or medicine?

There are many diverse ways you can translate WordPress content but we’re going to take a look at the 3 most common:

1. WordPress Plugins

2. Copy + Paste Content Manually

3. Rely on Browsers

Ever thought of translating your WordPress corporate site into Slovenian?

WordPress is the most broadly used Content Management System (CMS) on the Internet. Over 60% of websites in Slovenian or English have been developed using this popular CMS.

In this globalized world, translating your WordPress for Spanish English Slovenian is vital.  This makes it possible to sell your services and products in other interesting countries like Slovenia and also expand your market niche.

Acadestudio’s native Slovenian-speaking translators will loyally translate your most valued content into Slovenian translation. They will work with the right phrases and words to capture the attention of your target audience.

As soon as your WordPress is connected to our translation management platform, we will import every piece of text string and content. All translations will be reviewed and assigned by qualified Spanish English Slovenian translators. 

All bits of data are taken into account: meta-tags, widgets, menus, slugs, taxonomies (like tags  and categories), custom post types, custom fields, posts and pages to help you rank your site appropriately.

Multilingual plugin available in Slovenian

WordPress does not by default support several languages. WPML is a plugin developed by OntheGoSystem that permits you to translate your WordPress site into Slovenian language.

You can also select the local language of Slovenian that is spoken in Slovenia. That way, you will be speaking Slovenes in proper Slovenian and inspire them to buy your services and products.

Acadestudio’s Spanish English Slovenian translation service for WordPress contains an update and lifetime license for the WPML plugin.

In order to compute the volume of words to be translated, we can connect this multilingual plugin and effortlessly export the WordPress content into our translation management platform.

Only a word rate will be required from you. English, Spanish, and Slovenian sentences are paired and stored in translation memory, multilingual databases. This is a substantial cost saving, since similar sentence is decoded and paid for one single time.

Slovenian translations of WordPress websites improve page rankings in Yahoo and Google. With a professional SEO strategy Slovenes will trust your brand more and ultimately find your website.

Translating for SEO purposes is also called Global SEO. In the case of WordPress, we particularly praise the Yoast SEO plugin, which is well-suited with WPML and permits for the conversion of meta-tags (keywords, descriptions and title) from Slovenian into English or vice versa.

Wrapping Up

All Slovenian translation services are done 100% by qualified human translators who are native Slovenian speakers also smooth in English. We have a strict quality control and vetting process to confirm our top standards are met by all of our Spanish English Slovenian translators allowing us to regularly deliver excellent work to our clients.

We offer standard and certified translation services translating from English to Slovenian and Slovenian to English. If you need to translate your documents between Slovenian and over 99+ global language other than English please connect with our team. Get affordable, high-quality and precise Spanish English Slovenian translation with the help of our team.