The Top 5 Automotive SEO Techniques for Increasing sales in 2023

What is Automotive SEO

Automotive Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that uses various keywords to improve a website’s ranking on SERP (search engine result pages). These optimizations may boost website traffic, online conversions, and even sales. Whether you are running a truck and a car dealership, a tire shop, or any automotive business, SEO (search engine optimization) is the essential ingredient for every effective marketing campaign. If you follow the right SEO techniques, your online business will surely grow more than your competitors.

In many industries, including the automotive industry, digital marketing spending has surpassed traditional advertising. Since 2015, an automotive marketer has increased his SEO budget significantly, while spending on traditional channels such as TV has flattened or has even reduced throughout the automotive industry.

SEO is an organic process that helps rank your business or product organically on search engines. According to the research, a maximum of 53 percent of desktop and mobile users click on organic search results instead of paid ads. If you want to be top of search results, you have to know what factors matter.

Here we will mention the most essential and powerful SEO techniques for automotive businesses in 2022 and find out how you may drive new potential customers straight to your site by making these practices part of your search engine optimization techniques.

Include SEO content with Rich Text Snippets

A website can be an essential and powerful tool for reaching customers outside a retailer’s designated market area (DMA); it might be difficult or tricky to figure out exactly how much content to include on the website’s page. You surely have heard that Google likes pages with 1,600 words or more than this.

For longer content, such as blog posts, most visitors don’t read more than a few hundred words per page. However, Google prefers longer word counts for detailed content like automated blog posts. While estimates vary, most experts consider the ideal blog post length to be between 1,500 & 2,400 words.

As a common rule, marketers agree that about 1,600 words per post, give or take a few hundred words, can keep you safe. Posts of this length tend to be better than short posts as long as they are unique, original, and relevant. And surprisingly, this result holds true for all industries, including dealerships and other automotive sectors, and all geographic locations worldwide.

You’ll need to ensure your SEO expert or web developer adds rich snippets when posting blogs & building website pages. A rich snippet is a code that tells Google what text to display when your page is summarized on the search results engine page. It is one of the best SEO techniques for ranking a website on Google. Combining rich snippets with schema markup can make your page stand out with visually striking messages and encourage customers to click on your website.

Include Video SEO in your marketing plan

Suppose you want to grow your car business; you know that video SEO is the most beneficial part of reaching potential customers. Car dealerships are one of the most famous categories on YouTube. As we know, YouTube is the second largest search engine, so it’s essential to ensure your videos are well-optimized to appear in SERP. It is one of the essential SEO techniques for growing visibility. 

Many types of research have proved that internet users like to watch videos than read a written blog or content. Optimizing your videos for search engines may dramatically increase your chances of being seen by potential clients. People mostly like to share videos on social media, meaning that they have the potential to reach an even larger audience.

You may follow some easy tips to grow your car dealer video SEO. You have to ensure your videos are keyword-rich-

  1. You should use relevant keywords in your description and title to help your videos rank top on search result pages.
  2. Try to keep your video short- It’s better to keep your videos short for your audience.

Nobody wants to see long, boring car videos. You should aim for 2 minutes or less than it. If you follow these SEO techniques while doing video SEO, you won’t get disappointed with your strategies.

Proper Loading of Website on Mobile

If our website loads faster on mobile phones, it may positively impact our customers. As of 2022, more than 57 percent of online traffic comes from smartphone devices such as mobile & tablets. However, the average bounce rate for mobile users is 51.6%. This can happen if the page doesn’t load properly on their mobile device, and most of these customers never return.

More than 18,000 car dealerships & other automotive businesses in the United States are failed because they are not well-optimized for mobiles. It shows the value of optimizing your website on smartphones. You may capture the market share of your own business by deploying a fantastic mobile version of your site. Making your website more mobile-friendly is the most effective technique of SEO. As more mobile phone users spend time on your website, your search rank will grow quickly.

Claim Google Business Profile

Lately, you may have noticed that large detailed information boxes about local businesses appear (or pop up) at the top of your Google search results page. These business profiles automatically pull details from a company’s Google Business Profile and display a map with color photos of the business, directions, and details like open hours, contact info, and information such as popular visit times.

You must sign up for a free Google Business Profile (GBP) to set up a big colorful box. – This only takes a few minutes. After that, ask your automotive SEO expert or web developer to add the schema markup to the most visited pages on your site. Schema markup code helps to tell Google how to organize and display information found on your websites, such as images, addresses, hours of operation, and rich text snippets. It is one of the best and most effective SEO techniques to rank a website on search engines. 

In particular, add the AutoDealer schema that Google uses in conjunction with Google Business Profiles to create an attention-grabbing display panel at the top of prospective customer search results. Once you have set up your GBP (Google Business Profile), ensure to ask every happy customer for a positive review of your site.

Positive reviews are the most helpful weapons for boosting any business online. Positive reviews grow your local search rankings, add valuable social proof to your profile on search sites, and significantly increase your business’s chances of showing up in Google Maps and other GPS app search results.

Strategic Alliances with Link Development

The third-party website linking to your pages helps make your business more relevant and trustworthy to google, mainly when these inbound links come from relevant keywords. It adds extra value to your site. Inbound links are also called backlinks. It’s a link-building technique that may boost your website’s organic search traffic. If it’s done correctly, it’s beneficial for your online business.

You may start inbound link building by requesting links from organizations and businesses in your local area whose opinions search engine values extra highly when it comes to doing backlinks.

Additional details of link building (outbound links):

If we talk about outbound links, you may also create them for your website. This SEO technique also benefits newcomers, startups, or growing businesses.

It is helpful to spread your website details through other high DA-PA websites such as Reddit, Plurk, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. It may help boost your website’s traffic through those helpful sites. Link buildings are the off-page part of search engine optimization and one of the most effective SEO techniques.


 If you follow all these above-mentioned automated SEO techniques for your ongoing business or website, you won’t regret your site’s rankings on google. They all help you to grow your brand’s visibility and make them top on the Search Engines. Hope! This blog will help you to know about the top 5 automotive SEO techniques for increasing sales in 2022.