Send best wishes to people by sending them the most trending birthday gifts

On this special day which is birthday, something which is mandatory is a beautiful cake and some flowers along with gifts. The combination of this trio is enough to surprise the person and bring a broad smile to his face which will last throughout the day. You can select the best gift for your loved one from the online gift available on this online portal known as Oye Gifts. This website contains the best gift options available online. You can send the happy birthday gift to your friends and relatives living in any part of India. It is the easiest mode of sending gifts online just by clicking upon the gift and adding the desired address. The delivery of the product will be made within a few hours of the delivery or on the same day. If you have any confusion regarding what to give on the special occasion of birthday then just explore this website. You will come across unique and creative gifts. Here we will discuss some of the best gift options available:

Surprise gift arrangement

you can arrange this surprise gift hamper for your dear ones on this special occasion of their birthday. The Kane basket is full of decorative flowers and chocolates. This basket is covered with a zigzag covering red ribbons. Red and white roses are placed in closed vicinity along with some green leaves to add to the volume. Dairy milk chocolates are inserted between these flowers to complete the essence of the basket. This is the perfect combination of gifts for events like birthdays.

The crunch of butterscotch

cake is so important at big events. Birthday and cake share a special bond just like bread and butter in breakfast. You can surprise people on their birthdays by sending them delicious cakes. This gift contains a delicious butterscotch cake that is decorated with caramel crunchy syrup on the top. Nuts that are arranged on the sides enhance the crunchiness of this cake. The happy birthday message is written in the center using the chocolate cream.

The jade plant

here we have an exciting gift for people especially those who love to plant saplings. This is the sapling of the jade plant which is covered inside a jute bag and is tied with the help of a jute ribbon or rassi. This plant is one of the natural air purifiers and has the feature of staying indoors as well as outdoors. You can send this plant as a gift and this will serve as the luckiest gift for them. Along with the plant in this gift, we have a set of 3 kit kat chocolates. Send this gift and contribute your efforts to making India green.

The LED photo cushion

if you want to surprise your friends with a unique gift then you can give them this special gift. This is a cushion that can be personalized by the photograph of your choice. It is made up of Polly duck material and is filled with recron Yellow LED lights are attached all around the edges. This lovely cushion lightens up the photograph which is contained on the surface and by this technique can make the person nostalgic.

The analogue watch

if you want to gift the most special gift to your female friend or your partner or your sister then we have a special gift hamper waiting for you. This is the golden dial analogue watch from Titan. The strap of this watch is made up of a chain with beads studded on it. If she is someone who loves to wear wristwatches, gift her this brilliant watch which will attract the attention of everyone around. This is one of the cool gifts which you can send to her.

The delight of sweets

this is the combination of gifts that are a complete gift in itself. A double-layered bamboo plant is planted inside an oval glass pot. The base of this glass pot is filled with sand and colorful stones. A plate full of the special Kaju katli sweet is enough to make the mouth water. We have another box that contains four compartments and each compartment is filled with dry fruits of different varieties. It contains pista almonds cashews and raisins. This is a wonderful combination of gifts for people of every generation.

You can send cakes in different varieties and desired shapes along with some gifts of your choice. You can also personalise water bottles, photo frames, and many other options. Enjoy the event and send your best wishes in the form of Online gifts from this website.