Rekeying vs Changing Locks Which One Is Better

Changing the locks on your house is a task that must be carried out sooner or later, especially if you want to continue guaranteeing security. If, on the other hand, you are forced to move house, it is important to keep in mind that you never know exactly how many people had the chance to enter the house that is now becoming your new home, so it is again prudent to change all the locks.

The question that is probably causing you doubts is if it is really necessary to completely change the locks of your house or is it enough to change the keys? To solve this dilemma, we want to provide you with a comparison of when it is better to apply one method or another depending on the circumstances that arise.

When a job is done to change the locks on your home, whether you are doing the work yourself or hiring a locksmith (we always recommend the expertise of a professional locksmith), the person in charge should remove all the old locks from the doors and replace them with new products. This will allow you to ensure that only you have all the new keys to the house, but this work can become a considerable expense depending on the number of doors you need to adjust and sometimes it is not totally necessary.

It is only advisable to change the locks if a new one is necessary or if you wish to do so, at other times, changing the keys or the cylinder may be enough.

Let’s look at it this way; if you have very old locks in your house, that time has already worn them out, changing them is the most advisable option. In the same way, if you decided to change the locks for more modern models that help to strengthen the security level. Such would be the case of electronic locks.

If you have a wide variety of locks on the doors or gates of your house and you want to simplify the work of having to open them with different keys, then the option is to change them all to the brand that is most convenient for you. On the other hand, if the problem has only been that you have lost a key, changing the lock cylinder is a much more economical option, there are even locksmiths who have the ability to create a key from scratch, without the need to own the old one.

When you make a change in the keys of the lock, an alteration of the mechanism is made to prevent the old key can re-opening it. In this case it will be necessary to have the new key. As we have already mentioned, it depends a lot on the circumstances to make the decision on whether to change the key or completely change the locks.

Let’s look at this other example; If you already have locks of the same brand, but each one needs a different type of key, you can ask for a modification to be made to the locks so that they will work with the same key.

If you accidentally lost the keys to your house and you fear that someone may take advantage of this oversight to enter without your consent, you can ask for a modification of the keys to your lock so that the old one will no longer work.