Promote your local registry for your website via a PKNIC card

PKNIC prepaid cards are mostly meant for the registration of the pk domain for a certain domain. Therefore, promote your local registry by delivering the Web Links at the lowest PKNIC domain price. Therefore, a prepaid card can register only one pk domain at one time. Hitherto, Web Links are offering all the TLDs beneath PKNIC which comprises,,,,,, etc.

Navicosoft has been providing the lowest PKNIC domain price to its clients at affordable rates. Besides, you can ease your business with these cards’ with simple registration of the pk domain and restoration method. Hereby, go ahead to promote your local registry for your business website.

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What is meant by a PKNIC prepaid card?

PKNIC prepaid card is an exclusively encrypted pin implied to restore the pk domain panel. With this freedom, you have an opportunity to register or renovate any Pakistani domain name to promote your local registry. Similarly, you can get PKNIC Cards from a reliable Web hosting agency rendering your requirements. Hence, you could easily get your PKNIC cards via an email account, when you finalize your purchase.

What is the process of Registration and renewal of PKNIC cards?

While registering your pk domain from any authorized domain registrar in Pakistan, you will have a query in mind about the renewal of your pk domain. So, in that case, you need a certified company to register and renew your domain easily for its procedure.

The Registration of the pk domain extension is limited to only 2 years. Besides, PKNIC Prepaid cards give you the facility to easily register and renew your pk domain, so promote your local registry. Moreover, a PKNIC prepaid card is only attainable at the topmost resellers of PKNIC. Thus, after the approval of your payment, you can acquire your PKNIC prepaid card within a short time.

What is the method of purchasing a PKNIC Prepaid card?

Most people are not familiar with the performance of this domestic Registry globally. Likewise, they aren’t aware of the economical method to appoint their namespace under its privilege. However, even the Registry’s website has a deficiency of information. But in these circumstances, the best web hosting providers provide their amenities. Therefore, they enquire about everything a common person has in mind for achieving, Renovating, Disturbing, Adaptable, and attempting a pk extension.

Let’s have some more discussion:

Purposes and perks of PKINIC prepaid card:

The followings are the purposes and perks; you can get by upholding your stable codes in your Registry’s account.

·         Speediest Way:

Comparatively to other ways for the feasible Registry, it is the optimum, secure, and quick style to buy a PKNIC card for a specific domain.

·         Reseller’s Integrity:

Marketing PKNIC cards is a sideways business for Small hosting providers or Web hosting agencies for getting revenue.

·         Sustenance:

It is very much easy to do it by yourself. Hence, it is not necessary to enquire again and again about PK domain management. So, restore your own domain without any assistance.

·         Particulars are not necessary:

It is not necessary to provide contact particulars or open access to the card codes. However, the process is very easy-peasy, just make an order, make a payment and get your thing done.

·         Budget-friendly rates:

 Most people order openly for domains but not for acclaim, thus they make more payments but don’t get much control.

·         Easy Assortment:

Engaging two ranks allow various discount levels to select, purchase more, and save more.

·         Registration and restitution:

The Registration of the pk domain demands expertise to imply these cards to operate via your Pak web name registration or restitution.

·         Simple transfer:

You have the capacity to transfer your pk domain simply under the PKNIC prepaid card.

What is the technique for the restitution of pk domain?

It is very easy and simple to restitute your pk domain by yourself. If you make a purchase of PKNIC prepaid card from any authorized reseller in Pakistan. Though, the other technique for restituting your domain is that you can restore your pk domain name from any other open authorized PKNIC reseller.

What are the simple ticks and tricks to transfer domain?

 To transfer a domain from one account to another account is just like piece of cake. So, most people relocate your domain from one hosting provider to another as the registrar’s restoration charges are minimal than the former registrar.

Simply put, you have to give a certification letter to PKNIC. Hence, that letter must comprise your current pk domain owner’s firm letterhead and an agency stamp or seal. Likewise, you have to deliver one print of your CNIC and a print of your Chief Executive Officer. Lastly, if you wish to handover your PKNIC ID number, you must specify your PK domain name and quote your domain ID.

What are the features of best PKNIC Prepaid Card Provider?

PK domain providers provide the capability for Pakistani domain buying and renovating via authorized resellers to clients. Thus, it provides the people with PKNIC account balance attainment via a private market, there is obstruction. Therefore, registrars give things at more affordable and lucrative prices for business.

By 2010, the internet public was establishing and expanding. Hence, it permitted another suffix rather than the most common suffix .com, etc. besides, the extensions regarding to Pakistan or any country ccTlds were not applicable in these days.

Therefore, those domains which are Country-based suffix need more space, especially for domestic search results. So, Google started to list country-based extensions at higher place. Thus, the PKNIC domain price is short linked to other universally. Alike, the Registry continued in its restraint for 2 years, which offered a rise to be more in sum.

Final words:

 Navicosoft has been facilitating its clients the best support in realizing all the operative data applicable to .pk ccTLD open-handedly. Thus, if you want the registration of the pk domain, then you must promote your local registry of PKNIC card. Moreover, we are renowned for selling the best pricing of PKNIC Prepaid Cards all over the Pakistan