Private Investigator Pakistan

Private investigators with decades of experience in background screening, verification, and identity checks for individuals and organizations. Our competent detectors help Federal Investigation agencies and law enforcement departments collect factual evidence and clues to settle cases quickly. They are skilled and rigorously trained to handle emergencies to get to the truth. The professionals are sharp and practical in managing diverse and complicated uncovered facts. FactFinders is Pakistan’s most reliable and experienced spy agency working at a top-rated expert level. The outstanding aspect is the controlled expenditures and customized services according to the client’s requirements. The consultancy is license holder to work competently throughout the nation. FactFinders is providing very professional and highly skilled well trained private investigator Pakistan services. We offer a variety of services and have our network in all major cities of Pakistan.

Private Detective Services in Pakistan

We revealed the facts in an ethically secure and discreet manner. Hired detectors are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with criminal defence cases, family law violations, personal concerns, and corporate affairs. They are experts in counting eyewitness accounts, collecting forensic evidence, and installing security devices. Our result-driven services will deliver critical information to resolve the mysteries. Count on FactFinders to experience exceptional private investigator/Detective provisions at affordable charges.

Child Locate Investigation Cold Cases
Identity Verification Verification for Embassies
Adultery of infidelity Investigations Divorce Investigation
Real Estate Fraud Investigations Property Identification
Cheating Wife or Husband Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement
Security Consultation Consultancy on Security Affairs, Personal, and Installation
The Other Women Land Ownership and Title Investigation
Tenant Screening Activity Check
The Other Man Pre-Employment Screening
Background Investigation Recovery of Vehicles for Banks
Recovery of Money Private Detective Agents

Cold Cases

Private investigators help the victims and their loved ones to reopen cold or unresolved cases. These cases are left unresolved or unaddressed due to some injustice forces or the ignorance of the concerned authorities. Everybody put them behind except the affected and their family. Sometimes the complexity of the happenings is unable to streamline the truths. Police officials need experienced private detectives to collect authentic evidence through surveillance. The plainclothes personnel is an expert in finding that clue hidden from everyone’s eyes and thoughts.

  • The expert re-examined the evidence and clues.
  • Sometimes, use forensic testing to get to the point.
  • The witness may forget the happenings as time passes.
  • Private eyes have more time and flexibility to analyze the leads, evidence, and clue than the police.
  • Their exceptional professional educations make them perfect individuals to address a mysterious crime.

Unsolved Crime and Cold Cases

The uncovered mishaps are diverse, including rape cases, drug-related deaths, murder of immigrants, homeless or unidentified person murder, and unsolved police fires. FactFinders can fill the case by collecting the surrounding details of the suspected happening.

More Helpful Than Police

Although police forces are more powerful and concerned about resolving the illegalities, they hire plainclothes professionals to assist them due to a shortage of time. Law enforcement forces mainly handle the vivid case with available evidence to suspect the criminals. For complicated happenings, FactFinders are hired to collect unseen truths.

Collects Result-Driven Evidence

The evidence disappeared with time and needs more extensive efforts to recover or develop new information. These innovative techniques give investigation to a new end with some results generating clues. The professionals have years of expertise working with limited resources with fixed timeframes.

Deeply Reexamines Witnesses

Due to time and resource limitations, the police either arrest the suspected persons or leave the case open-ended with insufficient evidence. The spy agent interviews witnesses, family members, and friends to recall the past. However, it is a tough job and needs high skills and expertise.

Gives New Twist to Cases

More and more minds working on a case will review it from different angles and give it a new perspective. They are trained to analyze the revealed truths to interpret them in the documentation and the legal clues presented in the courts.

Verification for Embassies

The verification of documents from embassies to obtain an abroad visa, nationality of forging country, or other papers authority to travel and arrive any country.  Mostly the passport, marriage certificate, educational certifications, national identity cards, birth certificates, and other relevant documents. Reliable databases or concerned administrative departments approve the credentials.

FactFinders Assist Embassy Verification

The scrutiny process differs for each county; some have simple verification steps, while others need extensive studies. The professionals are capable of understanding the legal requirements and reporting accordingly. They have complete access to administrative and online resources. Contact FactFinders to get best private detectives in Karachi. We are working in this field from more than 20 years.

Background Checks

The concerned authorities verify the personal details of that person—basic information like family details, asset confirmation, criminal history, etc. Foreign agencies want to get refined information about the individual so that he can’t threaten their security. 

Certificates Authentication

Administrative departments verify the educational and bio-data certificates. Sometimes people prepare fake documents to get a visa and use unfair means to achieve their goals. FactFinders are competent in checking all these credentials quickly.

Criminal History

Moreover, attesting to the applicant’s credibility, the police records are checked. Is that person involved, or have they been involved in criminal and illegal activities? The hiring countries are conscious of security threats and need complete checks of the employee before joining their organization.

Personal Interviews

They interviewed the applicant and other relevant parties, such as former employers, family members, or educational institutes. To confirm the identity of the individual and to ensure that the applicant is precisely what they are claiming.

These verification proceedings are essential for the sake of security and to get protected from fraud cases. To authenticate the ability of the applicant and his credentials. Attestation is the process of gaining legal credit for papers which any country has issued to validate that the document is genuine. For more details and latest news updates keep visiting us at resistancephl, where we share daily several latest news updates.

Concluding Remarks

FactFinders gumshoe agency is a certified authority of the Government of Pakistan. We work as a successful private investigation/detective service in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. The experts have decades of professional expertise in their field. The staff members are qualified spy agents from concerned organizations. The infrastructures are equipped with innovative tools and technologies used in surveillance and investigation provisions. The fee charges are customized to the work procedures of the services.