Plan a vacation to experience the breathtaking views of Dhow Cruise Dubai!

Since decades, Dubai’s incredible skyscrapers and glittering sands have drastically altered people’s perceptions of ancient Dubai. Dubai Creek was once thought to be the only spot where one could enjoy cruising or fishing in warm, shallow waters. Nowadays, however, tourists still flock here for their sightseeing needs. Dhow Cruise Dubai has undergone a dramatic transformation since Dubai Marina was constructed as an artificial canal. Now, Dubai Creek provides visitors with several delightful dhow cruise experiences in its natural inlet setting. Tourists typically take dhow cruises along Marina and Dubai Creek. Traditional dhow designs offer breathtaking views of Dubai at night; Captain Dunes can arrange tours to give you this incredible sight! For even better views, opt for classic dhows with open-air decks.

Entertainment on a Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise Dubai offers guests an idyllic environment to unwind and enjoy themselves. You can book the cruise for exclusive gatherings or activities, customizing deals to fit your preferences. Companies provide additional entertainment choices like DJ parties or dances along with delicious international meals as appetizers, entrees and desserts to go along with the enjoyable entertainment. Upon arrival you will be welcomed with coffee, dates and snacks as well as plenty of drinks.

Dhow Cruise Dining

When planning a dhow cruise trip for families or groups of visitors, it’s essential that they consider the number of people in their group. Dhow cruise ships typically accommodate a set number of passengers onboard. On Dubai’s Dhow Cruises, families are sure to have an amazing experience. There are various affordable packages available for families who wish to take a dhow trip – the ideal option should fit within budget! This can be an amazing chance to experience Bedouin hospitality and customs up close!

Experience the flavor of Arabic coffee, affectionately known as “kahwah,” served on board Dhow Cruise Dubai. Families and couples alike will delight in discovering all that this idyllic environment has to offer. After being welcomed on board with an appetizing buffet and refreshing juices or soft drinks, you’ll be entertained throughout your journey with relaxing music and other forms of entertainment. While each cruise differs, meals tend to focus on Middle Eastern or Arabic food for dinner.

What Are the Main Attractions of a Dhow Cruise Dubai?

In addition to enjoying an indulgent and delectable dinner aboard, there are numerous additional benefits you can enjoy when you book one while in Dubai.

Enjoy the Stunning Scenery

Take a dhow cruise in Dubai and be mesmerized by its vibrant cityscape. As you sail past Dubai’s tallest structures in their soft glow, the sea’s vast breadth hitting shore has an awe-inspiring effect. Your mind’s eye is instantly transported to a breathtaking cinematic image when the setting sun casts its golden light upon the sea and blue waters as they splash against white beaches – all before they disappear into white foam. As you pass by the historic heritage village while strolling down the promenade, it feels like you’ve travelled back in time. But as you reach Marina’s contemporary sections, the difference is especially striking. All these sights provide a visual treat and are further enhanced by spectacular fireworks displays.

Feel like royalty

Dhow Cruise Dubai boats are constructed out of wood, giving them an air of royalty. You will feel as if you are living a royal lifestyle due to the polish, ornamentation and presentation given to each item. Together with excellent service and cuisine that rivals any royal dining establishment, everything on board has been done with elegance in mind: staff, hostesses, berths and cabins are all five-star quality; plus onboard entertainment that is unique from other cruises!

Wrapping Up

Dhow cruises offer an unforgettable experience. Watching the sun rise over Dubai during daytime displays its bustling lifestyle; while in the evening you get a stunning panoramic view of Dubai plus more bustle and activity. Choose a moment that wills last forever in your vacation memories by booking with Captain Dunes to experience luxury at its highest.