Picture Framing Statement Pieces That Wow Guests

If you’ve got a great picture that deserves a standout look, you may be disappoint with the bland picture framing options in retail stores. When entertaining new guests, wall art is often a topic of conversation. People are drawn to paintings and photographs naturally. For the most part, frames are expensive, but do not offer much in terms of creativity or uniqueness. Below are a few ideas on how to customize your own, make them stand out more, and grab the attention of anyone visiting dream tech news your home.

Large Borders Picture

Adding a large border can create a very dramatic effect. By purchasing an oversiz frame and filling the majority of it with a border with blank space, you can really make a statement. The border will attract initial attention, but the photograph will draw the viewer in. You can go a step further by choosing an unconventional color or even a minimal geometric design. The addition of a large border or a vibrant color can certainly increase the presence of any photograph.

Pairing Black and White

Using the juxtaposition of white and black in picture framing is a good way to add pop to a photograph (especially if the photo is black and white). Determine whether the photo displays more black or white, then use the opposite color for a border and frame. A black and white photo that is very bright and fill with lighter shades will stand out magnificently against a black border. Conversely, a mostly dark photo against a white border will accomplish the same effect. Also, factor in the color of the wall on which you will be hanging the piece. A white wall would be a great mount for a white photo, while a dark wall could be a great mount for a white-border piece of art.

Colors Picture

If your walls are primarily white, a color border is an excellent way to add a serious splash of fun. Either purchase a pre-paint frame or a white one and paint it yourself. Depending on how crafty you consider yourself, it could be a nice do-it-yourself project on a weekend. Not to mention, you will have the potential to save money by painting one yourself. Take into account the colors of the artwork and the color of the wall you will be hanging it on.

Add Picture Props

Don’t be afraid to use props. You can purchase frames with props includ on them in retail stores, but get creative and add your own. Make a piece gy with barb wire or ethereal with white lace. Since the possibilities are vast, depending on the subject of your artwork, you can accomplish a truly unique idea. This also would serve as a great do-it-yourself project for a recently purchas frame, or an old one that has lost its luster.

Displaying art in your home is pleasurable for guests and residents alike. Photographs and paintings are visually stimulating to begin with, and using unique picture framing ideas can allow them to take on a whole new dimension in your home.