Now you can track your visa application online

Internet is playing an important in every field of life. Mobile phones and the internet is one of the modern forms of technology. It helps people to keep updated with the latest news. Nowadays, it’s easy to track your visa application. If you are willing to go abroad and you have already applied for a visa then you can track this application. Moreover, it helps you to stay updated about your visa application.

Once you have submitted a visa application to a specific visa application center then you can track it. The online tracking system helps you to stay updated about your visa application status whether it is confirmed or rejected.  This is possible with the availibity of internet.

How to track visa applications online

For this purpose, you need the application number and also the reference number. Moreover, whenever you apply for visas ask your visa service provider to give you the application number. Furthermore also ask them to provide you with a reference number. Consequently, you can easily track your visa application with these numbers. You can only track your visa application if you have applied for a visa. Moreover, you can apply for a Dubai visa easily.

How to apply for a Dubai visa online

If you are a newbie and want to take a tour of Dubai then you should learn about Dubai. There are several endless dunes that you can see. The deserts present in this city enhance its beauty. It is full of splendor and unique buildings. The resonance of the modern city deeply belongs to desert life. The morning safari includes a wild ride in the dunes. You can make a solo journey around the dunes. Furthermore, you can do it either on a quad bike or sandboard. It would be a beautiful time to capture your dessert memories.

You will be guided before riding quad bikes. Besides this, you can also enjoy camel riding. Moreover traditional coffee in Dubai is one of the famous drinks. You can apply for a Dubai visa online by following the steps

  • Firstly, you need a passport if you want a visit visa.
  • Secondly, you need to book an emirates ticket.
  • Furthermore, apply for a UAE visa online.
  • The last step is to proceed to the online application.

After completing all of these steps you need to learn How to check your Dubai visa status.

Where to see the old Dubai?

Dubai is still a historical city except modern all of its modern attractions. Dubai museum is situated in an 18th-century Al-Fahidi fortress. traditional coral boulders are used in the construction of walls. The upper floor is covered with a ceiling and wooden poles. Moreover, this decoration consists of palm fronds, mud, and plaster.

The earliest villages were built on the edge of Dubai creek 4000 years ago. Moreover, you can see boatman stacking and unstacking the cargo from custom boards. Moreover, they often invite visitors to their homes. Further, you will get a great walk experience through the 19th-century Al-Fahidi district. It also observed rich merchants used to trade there once. You will see multiple old houses. Mosque Jumeirah is one of the most beautiful mosques present there. This mosque uses the Fatimid style in its construction. There are to minarets in this mosque. It looks more glorious with spotlights in the evening.

Final words

In this article, you have learned about Dubai is what! By following the above-mentioned steps you will be able to apply for a Dubai visa. Moreover, you can also track your visa application.