Walking around a medical or hospital facility, you will see that some of the medical professionals tuck their scrub tops in while others leave them open. Have you ever wondered why some medical professionals choose to tuck in while others don’t? Although not all scrub top styles can be worn tucked-in, many scrub brands are designing tuckable ones to help you look fashionable at work, too.

Scrub tops with pockets at the bottom can’t be tucked away, so before buying women’s nursing scrubs and uniforms, take a look at the scrub shirt and check if it can be tucked in. Read on to know more about tucking your scrubs.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Tucking Scrubs:

1. Practicality

Often you will see nurses wearing scrubs tops untucked while doctors have tucked in. Why is this? It’s really a matter of practicality, and anyone who likes to tuck can do so (as long as your scrub top allows). The hospital has made available unisex scrubs for their staff members and doctors. Often doctors wear these scrubs, which are baggy and have a more comfortable fit when tucked in. Also, sometimes they have a beeper on their pants that can be comfortably attached only when they are tucked in.

Those doctors who are working in the operation room are generally tucked in their scrubs. Because they have to keep everything clean as possible. By tucking in, medical professionals are assured that their scrub top will not sweep any surfaces. Nurses, on the other hand, are busy with a myriad of activities and often require a variety of medical supplies that need multiple pockets to store things; thus, tucking in scrubs is not a practical option.

Women’s Nursing Scrubs and Uniforms

2. Style

Another thing to remember when deciding to tuck in your scrub top is whether it suits your figure. People who are thin and lean generally look good in tucked tops, while those with a bit of belly generally look good with tucked-out scrub tops. Buying the best affordable scrub sets is not enough; you must purchase one that suits your personality and style.

3. Comfort

Some medical professionals who wear their scrubs tucked in the claim that they discover it comfier and feel more assured knowing that their scrubs won’t clog. But some medical practitioners who opt for the untucked look share their experience of feeling more comfortable and less restrained with leaving scrubs tucked out. So this is totally based on personal opinion.

Final Thoughts: Scrubs Tucked Vs. Scrubs Untucked

The decision of whether to tuck your scrubs or not is a personal choice. Tucked scrubs may work better for sanitary reasons. Whereas untucked scrubs also look professional, and in some cases, they are more comfortable and less restrictive. Try both methods for yourself and see if tuck out or tuck in suits you better, and if you like both, then go for it on different weekdays.

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