Lovely Ghosh – Social Media Influencer From Bengal

Known for her witty remark in photos and videos, Sherni Ghosh is a social media influencer from Bengal, India. The young actress and model has managed to earn a name for herself in the industry with her uncensored content.

About Lovely Ghosh

Earlier, Lovely Ghosh was just a regular Instagram user. She was known for uploading photographs and videos that have earned her thousands of followers. She was a regular commentator on the social network. Now, she is a full-time content creator. She has also been named as an Indian social media influencer.

Aside from her Instagram account, she is also a YouTube content creator. Her oeuvre includes over 100 videos and she has an impressive social media following. She has a private app that earns her a decent salary.

She also has a Twitter account and a Facebook page. She has a net worth of over $80,000, which isn’t bad for a 21 year old who has never been in an accident. She is also a gamer and a foodie. She enjoys eating non-veg food, and has recently gotten into esports games. She also loves to travel, and dreams of living by the sea.

As of this writing, the biggest source of income for her is her Instagram account. She also earns money via a variety of other online sources. One of the largest revenue streams for her comes from the official Lovely Ghosh app. Another notable source of revenue is Patreon.

Social media influencer from Bengal, India

Having started her career at the age of 19, Lovely Ghosh is a popular social media influencer from Bengal. She has amassed a huge number of followers on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, she has almost a million followers on Instagram. She is also an active content creator and has attracted many Youtubers to create videos of her.

Lovely Ghosh has collaborated with brands on various campaigns. For example, she has endorsed natural Nutramantra products. She has also been associated with hospitality brand NGE Future Energies.

She has worked with a number of fashion brands on different campaigns. She also has appeared in several Malayali and Tamil music videos. She doesn’t shy away from displaying her dance moves in her videos. She has more than 20 million subscribers on Tik Tok. She has also acted in Telugu movies.

She has received an Indian Television Academy award for best actress. She has also been a part of the television show Bigg Boss 8. She is a model and actor. She is also a blogger.