Lovely Ghosh Instagram

Whether you love or hate Lovely Ghosh Instagram, you can’t deny that she is an extremely talented model and social media star. Her videos are very popular, and her followers are always asking for more. In fact, she has over 3.2 million followers on the platform, which makes her one of the most successful celebrities on the Internet.

Social media star

Currently, she is an Instagram model, social media celebrity and content creator. Her pictures and videos on Instagram have helped her earn millions of followers. She has also gotten some attention on Facebook and TikTok. She’s also known for her apne body figure.

Lovely Ghosh is born in 1999 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. She started her career on Instagram in late 2018. She got popular when her images on Instagram started trending. She has a very attractive body and she is fond of traditional Indian clothing. She is also a music lover. She is a graduate of the University of Calcutta.

She started uploading videos on Instagram and TikTok. She became popular with her snazzy pictures and clever captions. She has now accumulated over 704k followers on Instagram and 1 million followers on TikTok. She also has her own app called the Sherni Official App. Her app allows users to watch high-quality and live videos, as well as to chat with her in real time.

TikTok star

Besides being a social media star, Lovely Ghosh is also a model and a digital content creator. She is also an avid gamer, esports fan and music lover. She is also the proud owner of a sexy avatar, an Instagram account and a YouTube channel. Her videos have garnered her hundreds of thousands of fans. She has also been dubbed the queen of TikTok by several bloggers and celebrities. Among her numerous social media followers, she is best known for her sexy photos and videos.

One of her most viewed YouTube videos features a young Ghosh showcasing her most sexy poses while posing for selfies. She is also known for posting photos of her wearing the hottest sarees. She has a very large following on Instagram and Facebook, where she is a true devotee of both platforms. During her early days, she was a content creator on TikTok. She has even earned a spot on the coveted TikTok Hall of Fame.


Currently, Lovely Ghosh is a social media influencer and a content creator in India. She has a big fan following on different social networking sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. She is famous for her hot videos and bold photos. Her Saree photoshoot series has gone viral on social media, and has earned her a lot of followers.

Lovely is a twenty-year-old content maker and model from Kolkata, India. She is currently pursuing her graduation at the Bengal University. She has been working as a full-time content creator on different social media platforms. She makes a lot of money through various sources, including AV video selling, sponsorship, and Premium video websites. She has more than one million subscribers on premium video websites.

She started her career as a model, but soon switched to being a social media star. She began her journey on Instagram in late 2018. She has a huge fan base on different social networking sites. She has more than 134k followers on Instagram, 1k followers on Twitter, and a big fan following on TikTok.

Marital status

During the early days of social media, Lovely Ghosh became a sensation. She started posting hot pictures of herself on Instagram. The images quickly went viral. She now has over 704k followers.

She is a model and actress who has been a part of several TV shows. She has also worked as a horse riding instructor. She was born in Kolkota, West Bengal, India. She lives with her mother. She is also an avid gamer. She likes to play esports games. She has also become a digital influencer in Bengal. She has a huge following on TikTok. She has even been featured in some Youtube roasters’ videos.

She has played some memorable characters in her television shows. She was the leading lady of Des Mein Niklla Hoga Chand. She is the daughter of a middle class Bengali family. She is very close to her family. She shares a special bond with her siblings. She is married to businessman Arindam Mondal. They got married on December 6, 2021.