Looking for an experienced car shipping company from New York to Florida

The route from New York to Florida for shipping from new york to Florida is one of the busiest in the industry. The yearly migration of snowbirds from New York to Florida is the leading cause. Those fortunate people who relocate to warmer climates during the winter are known as “snowbirds.” (and then return North once spring has sprung).

The opening and end of the “snowbird season” are the busiest car shipping times of the year on the East Coast. You have to pay more because there’s a high demand for car transportation then. The snowbird season begins as soon as the weather in New York starts to cool off, typically at the beginning of November, and it ends around late March or early April when New Yorkers return to the city from Florida.

Have your car shipped from New York to Florida in the summer or early autumn (September/early October) if you want it to be transported cheaply. In the summer and early fall, when demand for shipping cars from New York to Florida is at its lowest, you can expect to spend significantly less than you would in the late fall when the snowbird season starts.

How does it work?

When you choose a reputable auto transporter with a wealth of industry knowledge, their partnerships with carriers across the nation give you access to the most affordable and secure choices for shipping your vehicle.

Start with your free car shipping quote if you want to ship a vehicle nationwide safely, affordably, and quickly. Auto shipping companies make it simple to compare prices from various carriers side by side. Then, from the same user-friendly website, after selecting your carrier, you can schedule and follow the progress of your vehicle.

How long does transporting a car from New York to Florida take?

A rough estimate for how long it will take to ship a vehicle under 200 miles is 1-2 days. It might take up to 9 days to travel farther, like more than 2000 miles. But don’t fear; our shipping experts will take all necessary measures to ensure your car is shipped promptly and efficiently.

The duration of auto shipping in New York depends on many variables. These variables include the following: distance, traffic, roadwork, seasonality, temperature, detours, and driving hours. However, we can organize a guaranteed pickup or express car shipping service if you need your vehicle shipped quickly.

Services For Shipping From New York To Florida

An experienced auto shipping company has extensive expertise in transporting all sizes of machinery door-to-door on this route. Whatever the weight, size, amount, or kind of machinery, vehicles, freight, or cargo you need to move, they can move it. Allow their knowledgeable staff to advise you on the shipping options that will get your shipment where it needs to go with the least time, effort, and trouble.

A skilled driver will always tow the appropriate trailer for your equipment. Auto Shipping companies, including flatbeds, step-decks, RGNs, and oversize loads, can handle any cargo you need to transport. So call us immediately for expert local and long-distance transport of your priceless tools.

How much does transporting a vehicle from New York to Florida cost?

It might cost around $1,700 to ship a vehicle from New York to California. An automobile may cost $1,000 to ship from New York to Florida. The type of vehicle you’re sending, and the distance are two variables that affect how much it will cost to ship a car.

What Determines Car Shipping Prices?

It’s essential to understand that transport pricing varies depending on various variables, even though vehicle shipping firms may usually be more or less affordable than rivals. These consist of the following:

Transport Type

Transporting vehicles covered is more costly than transporting them openly. However, if you’re transporting a vintage or premium car, covered carrier transport will protect your vehicle from flying debris or the outside elements.

Locations for Pickup and Delivery

Deliveries from the airport to the terminal are typically less expensive than those from door to door. You could save a lot of money if you’re prepared to handle the inconvenience of picking up your vehicle at a shipping terminal.

Distance Shipped

Shipping a vehicle across the nation or over a lengthy distance, like from California to Florida or New York, is more expensive in total but less costly per mile. Conversely, short-distance car shipping services, such as those from San Francisco to Las Vegas, expect reduced costs but higher rates per mile.

Type of Vehicle

The length, height, clearance, and weight of your vehicle can all affect how much it costs to move it from one location to another. Inoperable vehicles are also much more expensive to transport. Moving more oversized vehicles will almost always cost more than moving smaller ones.

Time of Year

Rates typically increase in January and the summer, when demand for car shipping is at its peak. If you can avoid these two busy times, anticipate receiving reduced prices.

Delivery Times

You might save money if you’re open to a variable delivery date for your vehicle. Demand varies daily, so that rates will be the lowest on a low-demand day.

How to Choose the Best Car Shipping Company for You?

Although there are many factors to consider when picking the best car shipping firm to move your vehicle to or from Florida, most businesses may initially appear similar. The top-rated national companies offer enclosed and open shipping choices. They can transport your vehicle from nearly every state in the United States to almost every other state in the Union. Budget, avoiding hidden fees, the company’s customer service evaluations, and, if you have any specific delivery requirements, whether the company handles those are important considerations to remember.


Money is the first and most apparent factor when choosing the best car shipping business. To ensure you get the best deal possible when selecting between various shippers, it is recommended to request a few quotes from rival companies. If saving money is your priority, many businesses will give you a better deal if you choose terminal-to-terminal delivery (instead of bringing the vehicle to your door) and if your schedule is open.

Avoid Hidden Costs

Verify that you completely comprehend everything you’re spending before you sign anything. Look for businesses that guarantee their stated costs or are honest about potential fees. Companies with questionable business practices frequently pay additional fees, such as transportation and gasoline surcharges. As a result, you sometimes get the best bargain when you request the lowest price.

Some companies may also try to take advantage of the situation: the author of this article recently attempted to contact an Auto Transport company about a quote the company provided, and despite checking the “inoperative vehicle” box during the quoting process, the company representative claimed the original section did not include inactive vehicle status and quoted a significant additional fee. So even if a hidden or deceptive charge appears minor or insignificant, don’t give over the keys to your car and risk additional hidden fees or deception along the way—hang up and walk away.

Customer Service Ratings

Car transportation companies must be in the industry of providing outstanding customer service because evaluations and reviews are the only way to attract prospective customers. Check out ratings and reviews to see how other consumers have fared with any businesses you are contemplating.

Big corporations should have numerous evaluations on Google, Consumer Affairs, and Trustpilot. However, remember that one-star and five-star evaluations are frequently exaggerated and may need to be more reliable. Instead, look for two, three, and four-star evaluations for more realistic encounters and ideas.

Special Shipping Needs

Be prepared to pay fees if your needs are more complex than shipping a typical car. While all of the businesses on our list can send a sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, if you need to ship a larger vehicle, such as a utility van, RV, food truck, or agricultural machinery, you will need to look for a company that can manage your unique shipment requirements. Contact a few different businesses to see if they can control what you’re attempting to send and, more significantly, how much they’ll charge.