Learn How to Create a Google Reviews Widget

We are all aware of what Google is, and how its reviews affect our decisions to visit a business or invest in a brand. Let’s understand what Google review widgets are. 

A widget is a tool that compiles various types of content from different platforms, displayed in a unified presentation. This presentation can then be embedded into the website using a small HTML code. 

Be it repairing an air conditioner, visiting a restaurant or salon, or buying from any eCommerce brand, reviews are something that plays an integral role in shaping our opinion about the brand. These reviews build the trust needed for investment and help in understanding the brand. 

As a brand, these reviews especially Google reviews which are highly authentic, help the brand with building personal brand-user relationships, and most importantly motivate the user to invest in the brand eventually improving the conversion rate and sales. 

Google reviews hold the power to develop a robust online presence. Since it’s impossible to prevent negative reviews, responding professionally to the ones you get is the smartest thing to do. When users see how a brand has handled its negative reviews, it creates a huge impact on the user’s purchase decisions. 

The right amount of positive reviews, and perfectly handled negative reviews can bring success to your business. Google reviews are influential and help in the overall business growth while helping in improving customer acquisition. 

Coming to a Google widget, it’s a tool mentioned above. Embedding a Google review widget is a marketing strategy that many marketers have been using. To create a review widget of Google, there are many review platforms in the market like Taggbox. These widgets help you aggregate all your Google reviews and present them in a single frame.

Let’s understand these platforms better.

What are review platforms?

These reviews platforms are highly equipped and offer many features. They are digital solutions to strengthen your marketing efforts and display authentic and SEO-friendly content on the website.

They come with a customization feature with this you can change the background color, edit the font size and style, choose from various fast-loading, compatible, and responsive themes, add a CTA button to your widget and add a banner to make your widget more attractive, and much more. 

You can also add additional CSS code to further personalize your layout above the existing features. Apart from this, you can moderate the content of the widget. You have full control over the content you display on the website, you can eliminate any sensitive or inappropriate content from the widget. Moreover, you can get UGC rights from original content owners and repurpose reviews ethically. 

These review platforms come with an analytics feature that offers various detailed insights about user engagement and behavior on the widget. You get sentiment analysis, no. of impressions, no. of visits, click-through rates, and much more. 

Let’s move on to helping you create a Google review widget using a reviews platform.

How to create a Google review widget?

We have curated a step-wise guide to help you develop stunning widgets and embed them on any website be it HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace, etc. Let’s dig in. 

  1. Login/sign up to your account 

Log in to your existing account or sign up for a new account on your reviews platform. 

Add the source from which you wish to fetch the feed. In this case, we will choose “Google” as our source platform. 

On the next page, select the connection type to help the platform aggregate the reviews, You can choose from “Places” and “My places” add a keyword or business URL, and click on “Create feed”. 

You will be redirected to a secure connection with your Google account, connect your account and you will shift to the editor panel. 

  1. Design the widget 

In the editor panel, choose the best theme that suits the website, and make the necessary changes in the design of your widget to make it more personalized. 

Once you moderate the widget, get the required UGC rights if required, and finalize the changes, you can click on “Publish” 

On the next page, choose the “Embed on webpage” option. 

  1. Get the embed code 

A list of various CMS platforms will appear, choose the required platform, and adjust the size of the widget as per your requirements.

Click on “Get code”, and copy the embed code generated below. 

  1. Embed on website 

Login to your website building platform, and choose the web page you wish to embed the widget on. 

Navigate to the webpage, and paste this embed code into the backend of your webpage. 

Make the necessary changes if any, and click “preview”, make sure you have all the required aspects on the web page in the right place. 

Click “Publish” and that’s it. You have successfully embedded the Google review widget on the website. Wasn’t it easy? 

Get ready to see a significant improvement in your site’s overall performance. 


The website is the first point of contact between the user and the brand and needs to be impressive, vibrant, and visually appealing. With the Google review widget you can improve dwell time, and user engagement, reduce bounce rates, eliminate the risk of cart abandonment in eCommerce websites, improve conversions and sales, etc. 

Give your website and brand growth a kick start by leveraging the Google reviews widget on the website and magnifying your revenues, opportunities, and overall business success.