Learn About The Different Types Of Helicopter Pilot Jobs And How To Apply

Helicopter pilot jobs are some of the most exciting in the world. These jobs offer a unique perspective on everything from air traffic control to aerial photography. In this Article post, we will explore the different types of helicopter pilot jobs and how you can apply. 

We will also provide tips on what to look for when applying for a helicopter pilot job and advice on maximizing your career opportunities. So whether you’re looking to fly high in the sky or want to see it from a different perspective, read on to learn more about helicopter pilot jobs.

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What is a helicopter pilot?

A helicopter pilot is a person who flies helicopters. There are many different helicopter pilot jobs, each requiring a different set of skills. Some of the most common helicopter pilot jobs are commercial pilot, military pilot, and aerial photographer.

To become a helicopter pilot, you must first learn how to fly a plane. After you have experience flying airplanes, you can begin training to become a helicopter pilot. This training can take many months or even years, requiring you to pass several exams. Once you have completed the training, you must pass another exam to get your helicopter pilot license.

If you want to become a helicopter pilot, there are several things that you need to know. First, you will need to have good flying skills. Second, you will need to be able to handle stress well. Third, you will need excellent communication skills. Fourth, you will need to be able to work independently as well as in a team environment. Fifth, you will need solid medical insurance coverage. Sixth, and finally, you will need good physical fitness

Helicopter Pilot Job Duties

Helicopter pilots are responsible for safely transporting passengers and cargo in helicopters. They must quickly assess a situation, make decisions, and execute them. Their job duties also include navigation and flying skills. Some helicopter pilots work for private companies, while others work for government agencies or military forces.

Types of Helicopter Pilot Jobs

There are many different types of helicopter pilot jobs. 

commercial pilot job

The most common type is the commercial pilot job. Commercial pilots fly people and cargo for businesses such as airlines or freight carriers. They need to have a valid commercial license and complete a rigorous training program.

Airline pilots fly

Another type of helicopter pilot job is the airline pilot job. Airline pilots fly passengers and cargo on regular flights. They need a valid commercial license and complete a rigorous training program. Commercial pilots usually work for large airlines, while airline pilots working for smaller companies generally undergo a specialized training that provides them with more experience flying passenger aircraft.

Air ambulance pilots

Other types of helicopter pilot jobs include air ambulance pilot jobs, military pilot jobs, and police officer pilot jobs. Air ambulance pilots provide emergency medical services by flying patients to hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. Military pilots fly helicopters supporting combat missions such as bombing raids or search-and-rescue operations. Police officer Pilots fly helicopters used in law enforcement activities such as patrolling neighborhoods or rescuing victims from high altitudes.

How to become a helicopter pilot

There are various helicopter pilot jobs available, so it can take time to know where to start. It is especially true if you have not gained any previous aviation experience. Here are some tips on how to become a helicopter pilot:

1. Learn as much as you can. Start by reading up on the different types of helicopter pilot jobs and the requirements for each one. Then explore online resources like aviation forums and blogs to learn more about specific aircraft types and helicopter operations.

2. Get certified. Before applying for a helicopter pilot job, you’ll need certification from your local aviation authority. It will include exams in aircraft operation, weather forecasting, and flight control systems. You’ll also need appropriate licenses, such as a commercial pilot license or a rotorcraft instructor rating.

3. network and build relationships. To be successful as a helicopter pilot, you’ll need to connect with other industry professionals. Network with your local Rotorcraft League chapter or join professional organizations like the American Helicopter Society (AHS). These organizations can help connect you with industry leaders and fellow pilots who can help guide your career path forward.

4. take flying lessons. Even if you have not gained any prior aviation experience, taking flying lessons can help improve your skills to apply for a helicopter pilot job someday down the line. The best way to find flying schools that offer quality training is through word-of-mouth referrals from other

Eligibility requirements for helicopter pilot jobs

To become a helicopter pilot, you’ll need an FAA certificate with a rotorcraft rating. 

Other requirements include the following:

  • A minimum of 2,500 hours of flight time
  • At least 1,000 hours in helicopters rated for operation in Class A, B, or C airspace
  • A valid medical certificate
  • A good driving record

How to apply for a helicopter pilot job

There are many different types of helicopter pilot jobs, and each has its own set of requirements. To find the correct position, you’ll need to understand the other helicopter pilot jobs and how to apply.

Commercial Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Commercial helicopter pilots fly passengers and cargo for businesses and organizations. Commercial helicopter pilots’ requirements vary, but they typically have a valid pilot license and at least 500 hours of flying experience. To become a commercial helicopter pilot, you’ll likely need to pass an FAA certification exam.

Military Helicopter Pilot Jobs

Military helicopters are used for various purposes, including combat operations and medical evacuation. As an army helicopter pilot, you may be required to hold a military commission or be on active duty in the US armed forces. 

Requirements for military helicopter pilots vary depending on the type of military service you’re in, but typically they have a reasonable military aviation degree and at least 1,000 flight hours. To become an army helicopter pilot, you’ll likely need to pass an FAA certification exam or undergo an accreditation process.

Private Pilot Licenses And Helicopter Flying Hours

To become a helicopter pilot with a private license, you’ll need at least 250 hours of flying time logged in airplanes that meet Part 135 regulations (helicopters). However, not all helicopters flown under Part 135 rules are considered private aircraft. Many small corporate helicopters not used for transportation services fall into this category. In


To become a helicopter pilot, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of helicopter pilot jobs and how to apply. There are many opportunities available for those with the skills and determination to become helicopter pilots, so be sure to research the different positions and make a decision that is best suited for you. 

Helicopter pilots work in demanding environments and must have excellent manual agility, coordination, and strong aviation skills. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, then take the time to learn more about each type of helicopter pilot job before applying.