Known Discount Real Estate Brokers in New Jersey 2023

Real estate agents and companies that offer built-in savings for house sellers are known as discount brokers. Most traditional real estate agents charge a 2.5–3% listing fee; however these brands often just charge a flat cost or less than 1%.

One of the simplest methods to save money when selling your house is to use a discount real estate broker.

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In the last couple of years, housing prices in New Jersey have risen by 9.4%. If you want to sell your property, you may do it without paying a hefty commission in today’s booming market. As a result, New Jersey’s discount real estate brokers are in great demand. 

Selecting among the top discount real estate brokers NJ has to offer that best meets your needs is of critical significance.

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As a result, in this post, you’ll discover about 5 lesser-known yet reputable discount real estate brokers NJ has to offer in 2022.

Different Types of Realtors That Charge a Less Fee

There are 4 categories that real estate brokers who charge a low commission fall. Following are the categories:

MLS Flat Fee

If you’ve ever searched on “how to list on MLS”, then you would have come across many MLS listing agencies in the search results. Simply put, An MLS listing firm is nothing more than a licensed real estate agent who charges a set fee upfront to list your house on the MLS. The seller and the broker agree on a la carte services, and the broker takes a flat fee rather than a portion of the sale price of the house. One thing to note is to list on the MLS, that you must be a licensed broker, or else there is no way of going about it.

Online Real Estate Agents

A typical real estate agent performs everything from putting your home on the market to pricing and negotiating with buyers to actually finalizing the deal. There are discount real estate brokers who perform all of that online. In addition to lower costs and lower commissions, companies also benefit from data backup and improved administration as well as marketing support because of their online presence. 

Flat Fee Low Commission Agents

There is also an option of working with a low commission agent. Typically brokers sell your home and charge you anywhere from $3,000 to $6,000, depending on the agent. An agent’s performance and the value of the property are frequently taken into account when charging a flat fee. A flat fee is used instead of a percentage of the listing fee in this instance. A flat-fee agent’s contract must be carefully studied, especially the fine print. Consider the buyer’s agency costs, which can range from 2.5 to 3%, even if you work with a flat-rate real estate agent.

Full-Service Low-Cost Brokers

New Jersey’s discount real estate brokers provide a full service at a lower cost than typical realtors do so. When a house is sold, they return a portion of its commission to the seller. Full-service discount brokers often charge 1.5% of the sale price instead of the normal 2.5%, saving you thousands in commissions on your property.

Let’s take a look at these 5 discount real estate brokers NJ has to offer to ease your journey when selling your property.

Lovi Real Estate

Located solely in the state of New Jersey, Lovi Realty is a full-service bargain brokerage. Customers benefit from their innovative strategy by saving money and selling their homes in 30 days or less!

Lovi Realty charges a 1% commission for a property’s listing service. They offer a special service that benefits the vendor directly.

When selling a property, you may get a complete marketing plan and advice on how to improve your home, which you might otherwise have to pay for if it were a regular realtor.

Agents working on behalf of the seller may be certain that they will receive the finest possible treatment and assistance throughout the sale process. During the inspection and evaluation, they also provide professional guidance.

When it comes to online real estate, no other firm can match Houzeo’s mix of big discounts, superior technology, and 5-star customer care.

Houzeo normally charges a fixed cost for its plans. You’ll save tens of thousands of dollars this way. Your buyer’s agent’s commission is not required if the buyer is unrepresented.

More than a thousand real estate websites syndicate listings to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), including Zillow,, Redfin, and Trulia. Additionally, Houzeo provides useful social media sharing features. This level of exposure is unmatched by any other medium.

Houzeo is a completely web-based service. It’s simple to list, and updates happen quickly. That way, you can concentrate on what really matters – making a sale.

Major review sites like Google and Trustpilot have given Houzeo an overall rating of 4.9 stars from American home sellers. It’s reassuring to know that when you call, a real human being answers the phone. You should definitely check out Houzeo reviews for more information.


Redfin is a leading provider of affordable real estate services online, serving clients around the country.

You may save up to 20% to 30% on commission costs if you use Redfin instead of selling your property using traditional methods like hiring a real estate agent

There is an extensive listing agreement in place, but it takes around 18 days for a home to appear on the MLS with the discount real estate agent. Add-on services from Redfin include a professional photographer, MLS listing, open house calendar, yard sign, and more.

Discount real estate brokers can all agree that it offers some of the greatest technologies in the business. One of the most advanced platforms for full-service brokerage. Sellers may save time and effort using Redfin’s user-friendly interface.

Feel @Home Realty

One of the founders of Feel @Home Realty is a New Jersey real estate broker, Charles Hendershot. He has helped numerous sellers get their houses sold at outstanding prices and with excellent customer service because of his extensive knowledge of the market. Using his 17 years of real estate expertise, Hendershot is the driving force behind Feel @Home Realty, which offers full-service real estate services at lower commissions.

Feel @Home Realty offers a 1.25% commission instead of the standard 5% to 6% charge for selling a property.

Professional photography and filming services are available to sellers. For this reason, they receive updates on the status of their listing from time to time.

From the outset, they treat you like a valued client and stay by your side through the whole transaction. Besides exhibiting and listing, they also aid in the promotion of your listing on social media in order to develop new business opportunities.


Houwzer is a great alternative if you’re seeking discount real estate agents that specialize in high-end properties.

This low-commission Realtor is best suited for properties worth more than $1 million because of their $5000 flat price. You may wish to consider alternative choices if your house is of low worth.

Photographic services, 3D virtual tours, social media, and email marketing are all included in Houwzer’s services.

Rather than a simple listing service, this is more of a one-stop-shop for vendors. Discount real estate brokers are available through Houwzer.

What Are The Alternatives?

Not convinced with the way discount real estate brokers work? Try these alternatives instead.

Traditional Agents

A typical real estate agent can help you with all of your real estate needs, including purchasing, selling, renting, and more. Traditional real estate agents include a listing agent and a buyer agent. Brokers and firms use agents, who work under the guidance of a licensed broker. The average commission fee for selling a house is 5%.


Often referred to as an iBuyer, an immediate buyer is a company that makes cash bids on a residence that is for sale. The main objective is to sell it quickly and efficiently, unlike the typical method. Their state-of-the-art technology and flexible closing options make them an excellent choice. 

Despite the high cost of service, they offer reasonable deals. The majority of iBuyers charge additional closing fees, which can easily push your commissions up to 13%. 


“For Sale by Owner” properties are those that are sold by the owner, not a real estate agent or broker. To avoid paying commissions and get your property sold quickly, this is the most cost-effective method available. FSBO properties are a good fit for sellers who have some knowledge of the real estate market and marketing strategies. You should advertise your home For Sale by Owner on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

Although if you’re figuring out how to list on MLS, you need to be a licensed broker to do so. Else you can sell your house using an FSBO with Houzeo which charges a pocket-friendly flat fee rate on the sale of your house and at the same time ensure that your house will get the greatest publicity and sell faster.