Join Our Shia Quran Classes to Learn the Holy Quran by Heart

Learn the Holy Quran by heart with our Shia Quran Classes. We’re offering introductory packages to help you quickly memorize the Holy book, as well as advanced packages for those who are looking to further their knowledge of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Whether you want to improve your religious knowledge or simply deepen your understanding, our Shia Quran classes can help you reach your goal in no time at all. Register now to get started!

The method we use to teach you
We have a flexible schedule so you can learn at your own pace. We have professional teachers who have memorized the holy Quran. They teach students in a variety of ways so that students can understand and learn easily. We also offer tutorials for students who are not able to attend our classes, but would like to learn with us. For those who are able to attend our classes, we have four different levels of courses from beginner, intermediate, advanced and refresher.

How can you know what grade you’re in
Grade levels in primary school are based on a child’s age. At first, grades are determined by what type of classes your child is enrolled in. These include kindergarten (or K) and first grade (or 1). Once a student enters a grade, they will be assessed using an assessment tool called MAP (Measures of Academic Progress), which is designed to measure their understanding of skills that have been taught up until that point. The scores from the assessment provide information about how well students understand concepts in reading, math and writing. This information can be helpful for teachers in planning lessons and seeing what areas students may need extra help with during individualized instruction.

What grade should you be aiming for?
The level of your class is based on your age. When you are between five and ten years old, you should be aiming for Grade 4. After that, if you are at least 11 years old, then you will be aiming for Grade 7. If you are over 13 years old, then you will be aiming for Grade 10. We hope that this helps!

A quick guide to moving up grades

  1. Memorize the Arabic Alphabet. This is an important step because you need to know how to read Arabic in order for you to be able to read and recite words in Arabic. You should learn all of the letters, their shapes and their sounds.
  2. Memorize how each letter looks in a word. Once you can see a letter and know what it sounds like, try looking at words around your house or on TV or online and try naming them out loud without peeking at the letters for help!
  3. Pick up a copy of our FREE Urdu Alphabet Cards and write down how each letter appears in a word next time you’re trying new words out!