Issues an Expert SEO Company in Dubai Faces With Google My Business

One of the most helpful resources available to local businesses is Google My Business. It seemed so easy back then. Previously, GMB listings included a business name, address, contact information, and website link. That was it, the end of the story. It’s encouraging to see how much more active Google has developed GMB accounts over time. Whatever the case, these factors and upgrades have also made using Google My Business extremely challenging—even for an experienced SEO company in Dubai.This article outlines some of the most significant difficulties experienced by SEO experts.

Fake Competitors Listing

Some companies create a false business identity and sometimes it’s just the excessive use of keywords instead of the authentic details about the business leading to GMB spam. It can be prevented, and sometimes all it takes is a quick tap of the “suggest a change” button at the bottom of the page.If you discover, for example, that a company is stuffing its title with keywords, you may use the Suggest an Alter interface to amend it to remove the extra keywords. Google will evaluate your advice when you apply the suggested adjustments to the GMB posting’s details.

Google My Business Listing Suspension

Observing a suspension message in the GMB interface is the most unsettling thing you can do. The suspension of the Google My Business listing has a number of causes, most of which are good ones.Despite you think you are not violating the rules, there is a good likelihood that you are infringing the terms of service (TOS) for Google My Business.If your account has been banned, you must carefully study the Google My Firm criteria to see what causes your posting to be disregarded and whether your company even remotely meets the requirements for a GMB profile.

Rejection of Listing

Listings are often denied due to discontent, the image being used, or, your business may be in a zone designated as “sensitive.”Other times, certain words within the post may lead to its deletion. Despite looking harmless, the word can be on Google’s list of “offensive” words. Try rebuilding it with a more conventional body text and deleting any delicate language or images if your post is rejected.

Valid Reviews Not Showing Up

There are situations when customer reviews for a company are hidden. Although the reviewer has access to it, the public cannot. Oftentimes, a skilled SEO company in Dubai can spot the issue by reading reviews.The effect of filtered reviews today is different, though. Disapproved content frequently lacks any obvious signs of breaking Google’s content restrictions. Even skilled GMB technicians are unable to determine what launched the filter.For policy breaches like spam or improper content, missing reviews are erased. Merchants ought to consult the Support Page document, which is unreviewed and unaffected by delays.

Closing Reflections

The Google team is diligently working to resolve these issues, so we simply need to be patient because there is only so much we can do. In the meantime, we must always choose an expert SEO company in Dubai for our business to avoid such mistakes.