Is Buying Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro a Good Choice in 2023

In terms of creating top-of-the-line smart devices, Samsung has always excelled. This also includes accessories like Samsung buds or smartwatches. Ever since the companies started removing headphone jacks from their devices, earbuds have become a hot commodity. Samsung has created several, and the latest iteration is the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro.

However, the main question is, should you go for them in 2023? Are they good enough that you should invest your hard-earned money in such a device? We’ll discuss these questions by going over some of its features. Therefore, the topics that we’ll cover in today’s article are as follows.

  • 3 features of Buds 2 Pro
  • Is buying Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro a good choice in 2023

With that said, let’s start by going over some of the features of these Samsung Galaxy buds Pro.

3 Features of Buds 2 Pro

Like I said before, To answer the question of whether or not you should go for these earbuds, you first need to understand a few of their features. The buds 2 Pro are an upgraded version of other earbuds that go by the name of Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

These are amazing Samsung Galaxy buds in their own right, but today we’re going over the pro version. In order to better understand these earbuds, let’s discuss a few of their features.

1. Design

The very first thing that we’re going to discuss about these earbuds is their design. Yes, I know, it’s not a feature per se, but listen to me. They’re one of the best-looking and best-feeling earbuds that I’ve used in a long-long time.

Before these Samsung buds, I was using the Audionic Airdots 215 earbuds. Even though they were amazing earbuds in their own right, I never liked how they actually felt in my ears. I even tried changing the ear tips of these buds, but nothing really changed. 

However, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro is something else because they’re so comfortable that I can even fall asleep while wearing them. The build quality and shape of the buds are also very unique because, at first glance from the top, they kinda look like beans­čśé. 

Plus, the soft ear tips of these earbuds are also quite good compared to other companies. They’re so good that they can beat Apple AirPods 3rd Generation in terms of comfort. My final point about the design is the variety of colors available. Normally, earbuds only come in two color options, but Samsung gives you three with the addition of the Bora Purple color.

2. ANC

Now coming towards a more practical feature which is the noise-cancellation aspect of these buds. Normally when we listen through earbuds, we often get distracted or can’t listen to the audio clearly because of the noise around us.

That’s why the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro comes with an intelligent ANC (aka Active Noise Cancellation) to help you better understand the audio coming from the buds. I don’t really have to explain this, but it can be helpful in a number of situations, like in an online meeting or phone call. 

You might say that other companies like Apple also give this feature, so why shouldn’t I go for them? That’s a completely valid argument, but, as I said, the design quality of this Samsung Galaxy buds pro is much better.

Plus, it also comes with 360 audio which gives you full immersion when listening to music or watching movies. I watched a lot of movies with these earbuds on, and I completely lost track of my surroundings.

3. Battery

The last thing about these earbuds, which I’ll like to mention, is the battery of these Samsung buds. It comes with a 515 mAh for the case of the earbuds, meaning it can give the buds themselves enough juice to run for approximately 3-4 hours.

I know the playtime of these buds isn’t that good, but with a bit of moderate usage, you can easily extend how long the buds last. Not to mention, it comes with an IPX7 rating to protect it against any splashes of water or anything else. Just don’t go around throwing it in water to test the water resistance­čśé.

Is Buying Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro a Good Choice in 2023

Now the main question is, should you buy Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro in 2023? These earbuds have been available for more than half a year, but that doesn’t diminish their quality.

I’ve used it with my Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, and these buds work amazingly with the device. Since they were released around the same time as the phone, meaning these Samsung Galaxy buds were made to work seamlessly with the phone. That’s why I recommend that you check them out because they are some of the best buds in the market.

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