Interesting facts about Spanish, Russian & Italian

There are more than 7,117 known languages that people speak worldwide. While everyone seems to love their language or accent, there are few who are aware of the details of their favorite or preferred linguistic communication. Based on this idea, we’ve tried to cover some interesting facts about Spanish, Russian, and Italian. So that speakers of this language or the ones interested in learning them can fuel their passion.

Spanish language 

Spanish is among the most fascinating and popular languages in the world. Many linguists say it’s the easiest language that one can learn. Due to the popularity of this language, many companies provide Spanish translation services from across the world. 

Following are some interesting facts about Spanish:

  • Spanish translation is high in demand: More than 550 million people speak Spanish around the world. With over 470 million native speakers, it’s the second-largest language in the world that people speak today. As per the research, Spanish will become the most popular language by 2050. These are a few reasons why professional Spanish translation services are highly in demand these days. 
  • It’s an official language in 21 countries: There are 21 countries where Spanish holds the status of official language. This includes Central America, South America, and North America, as well as regions in Africa and Europe. The United Nations also recognizes Spanish as one of its official languages. There are a total of 6 official languages and the United Nations celebrates language days for each of them. The language day of Spanish is 23rd April.
  • Many English have Spanish roots: You’ve heard it right. There are many English words that have their root in Spanish. Here are a couple of examples.
    • Texas – The Spanish borrowed the word “Tejas” from the native Cado people. It denotes “allies” or “friends”.
    • Montana – from the Spanish word “montaña” which means mountain
    • Colorado – It means “colored red” referring to the color of the colorado river.

Russian Language

Unlike the Romance languages of the west, Russian has a distinct sound and structure. European dialects are mostly based on Latin, but Russian is different from them. It comes with twice as many vowels along with some extra consonants that give it a melody all its own. Therefore, working with seasoned translators is critical when you require Russian translation services. 

  • Many people speak Russian: If we consider the total number of Russian speakers in the world, Russian becomes the 8th most popular language on the planet. It’s also interesting to know that Russian is the 7th most popular language when we compare it with respect to native speakers. With that said, the Russian market is a lucrative one for businesses around the world. If you’re also creating a strategy to expand into this amazing market, we’d advise you to always look for top professional Russian translation services. They will ensure your smooth expansion and cover all your translation and localization needs.
  • It’s famous as space language: Have you ever wished to become an astronaut? Well, you must have to learn Russian since it’s the language of space. Roscosmos is the world’s largest space agency outside of NASA. The astronauts must take the Soyuz docking ship to reach ISIS, where almost half of the systems and their parts are in Russian.
  • Blue, blue, and blue: Compared to other languages, the Russian language carries a lot of expressions for blue color and its different shades. It divides the descriptions into light shades (голубой) and dark shades (синий). Although Russian eyes don’t appear to be better at distinguishing blue shades, their language appears to be better at expressing them. Why this is interesting? Because there are also some languages that don’t even differentiate between blue and green. 

Italian language

Many people are already aware of how unique Italy is. Whether it’s history, architecture, or food, Italy comes second to none. But fewer people know about the intriguing Italian language. Here’s what you should know about it, whether you’re a language learner or a business owner who’s in the quest for some professional Italian translation services. 

  • Requires more context compared to English: In English, there are almost 6000 homonyms. When translating from English to Italian, it becomes so difficult as Italian requires more context due to its nuances. Especially when you’re translating technical documents, you’ll see there are so many words that don’t translate well into Italian.  This is the reason when you request Italian translation services from an agency, make sure you provide proper context to your translators. 
  • It has only 21 letters: The Italian people love to keep things simple and sweet. And their alphabet also does the same. It contains only 21 letters and excludes j, k, x, w, and y from its list. Once you learn the Italian alphabet and a few pronunciation rules, you’re always going to read every word the right way. Unlike English or French, which appear to have difficult pronunciation. 
  • Over 50 million people speak Italian: Italian is the 27th most spoken language in the world. Almost 63 million all across the world speak this as their first language. And over 3 million claim it as their second language.

Concluding remarks

These are some of the facts which make Spanish, Russian, or Italian an exciting language for anyone. Be it a person who is eager to know and learn new languages or a business that’s about to step into the global market. To learn more about the tips and ideas we share about languages and their significance in today’s world, don’t forget to like and follow our blog. Always be in the know & thanks for reading!