Importance of a Clean Chimney

It is very important to make sure that your air duct cleaning Virginia Beach stays clean at all times. An unattended chimney can gather a lot of ash and tar, which may eventually find its way back to your house. This tar may cause some breathing problems for you and your family. It is crucial for you to clean your chimney on a regular basis. This will also increase the exhaust rate of your chimney.

Maintenance Duration

If you live in a cold region where it stays cold throughout the year, it is advisable to clean your chimney twice a year. Similarly, if you live in a region where winter season persist for three of four months, it is advisable to clean your chimney before winter starts. Chimney and fireplace add sophistication to your house. It is a good idea to clean this structure of your house even if you don’t use it.

Cleaning Options

You can hire professional help to get your chimney clean or you can ‘Do it yourself’. In case you decide to clean your chimney by yourself, you need learn how to inspect it by yourself. Firstly, it is important to have a semi-cover at the top of the chimney; this prevents any external debris from falling into the house. One other thing which should be considered while cleaning your chimney is to make sure that the air flow is uninterrupted and unidirectional. If proper maintenance of the chimney is not done properly, there might be a reverse airflow which can fill your room with smoke. If you decide to clean your chimney by yourself; you will need a few tools to help you do the job more efficiently. These tools are simple to use and do not need any training for their use. The most common tools for chimney cleaning are a wire brush, rod, broom and shovel, goggle, safety mask and a bucket or vacuum. Goggles and safety do not have anything to do with the cleaning. They are in fact essential for the cleaner’s safety. The ash can really harm you if it goes into your eyes or lungs. Always make sure to keep safety as your first priority while doing any kind of maintenance work.

Easy Chimney Maintenance Tips to Keep You Warm and Safe

A fireplace is an attractive and useful feature to your home. It keeps you warm during cold weather and there’s nothing more comforting than a fire glowing in the fireplace on a winter’s day. In many places, wood burning fireplaces and stoves are still an important method of home heating and people will buy wood ahead of time (or chop their own) to prepare for the winter season. However, having a fireplace or wood burning stove also means maintenance to keep your chimney clean and in good working order. Fireplaces, pellet burning stoves and wood burning stoves all have different requirements to keep it in good working order. Of course the manufacturer’s guide should be followed to keep your chimney in good condition and providing the best possible performance. However, most homeowners can’t find their original operating book and so here are some general tips on chimney maintenance for safe, efficient use of your fireplace or stove.

In order to work at its best, a chimney needs airflow;

¬†While good insulation is a great thing, it can also reduce the airflow a chimney needs to be efficient. Normally you’ll usually have enough air circulation in your home for this purpose. But if smoke is coming back inside the room rather than going up the chimney, this is a sign of lack of airflow to create the required draft up the chimney. If you see this happening, you’ll need to contact a specialist to find a solution for airflow problems. The average fireplace is designed to burn wood as cleanly as possible and to minimize the amount of creosote which builds up inside of the chimney. If you’re using properly seasoned wood, it will burn cleaner naturally and leave fewer residues inside your chimney sweep indianapolis. Minimizing creosote buildup is essential, since this highly flammable byproduct of wood burning is the biggest cause of chimney fires – which is why regular chimney cleaning is a must. Cleaning a chimney should always be performed by a professional sweep as they’re also trained to spot other issues going on inside a chimney and provide you an evaluation of the state of a chimney and any building code issues. A sweep can also fix any loose or missing mortar and maintain the spark arrester and flange.

If you don’t already have a chimney cap installed,

 Then this is a no-brainer to get one. It’s an inexpensive investment and you should have one installed as soon as possible. A cap prevents rain and snow from getting in through the chimney; and since moisture can damage the flue liner and joints, it’s important to keep things dry. A cap with mesh screen can also prevent birds and other animals from nesting in your best fireplace cleaning Virginia Beach VA as well as keeping sparks from causing fires on your roof. Keeps your fireplace or stove operating efficiently by cleaning out the ashes every few days?