How to Use Facebook Ads to Get Instagram Followers

When it comes to your Instagram account, length matters. Having a huge account (with enthusiastic and engaged followers, now no more bots!) is vital to your logo. A massive following builds credibility, builds logo awareness, and drives sales – all round top-notch, right?

You are probably wondering if I can buy more Instagram followers. Well, you certainly don’t have to fall for the shady website scams that encourage followers because they’re often just bots – and if Insta catches you shopping, you could lose your account altogether. oops, However, did you know that you can use Facebook ads to gain Instagram followers?

Like Facebook, Instagram will only boost your account if you pay for it, and besides, they don’t offer follower campaigns. But there is a way around this! Here’s a way to use Facebook ads to gain Instagram followers – it’s a handy trick that’s definitely worth your while.

Facebook Ads Campaign Creation

Return to Ads Manager and click Create. For the campaign objective, select “Traffic” under Consideration. Name your marketing campaign and create an ad set from the same menu. On the next screen, make sure you’ve enabled campaign budget (or benefit campaign budget) optimization and specify a marketing campaign price range that corresponds to how much you spend on the ads each day.

Setting Up the Facebook Ad Campaign for Instagram Followers

I’m starting with a Facebook ad account and we’re going to launch a marketing campaign here together where I’ll show you how to get Instagram views. The first problem to understand is that at the moment there is no marketing campaign, especially nice for Instagram followers. So you can’t just install a like marketing campaign like you do for Facebook likes. This approach should be a bit more innovative when it comes to gaining Instagram followers.

Choose Your Placement

Within the ad set, select Instagram as the placement. Getting even more unique and targeted Instagram stories is great because they convert very well. Since this is a marketing campaign focused entirely on Instagram, make sure to disable the alternative structures along with Messenger.

Modifying Ad Set settings

Make sure you have selected the “Website” in the Traffic section. Change the start and task dates accordingly. One tip for A/B checking the impact of marketing campaigns is to create more than one ad unit with a unique start and end date so you can research the impact without forgetting to abandon campaigns.

Then the most important thing, is the selection of the previously created target market. Select the comparable target market in the Custom Audiences field. Change the scope in the Target market section. Select the locations where you want the commercials to appear. Choose similar to what you chose for the lookalike target market.

There is no need to regulate demographics that focus on alternatives beyond age, gender, or interests. The lookalike target market and Facebook policies will ensure that customers click on the ad’s link as quickly as possible. A similar narrowing of the target market can worsen your ad impact at best. 

You can regulate the languages if it is best for you to serve the commercials and content for your Instagram profile in a language for higher engagement.

Campaign Level

You start by clicking the inexperienced button in the Facebook Ads Manager to create a brand new marketing campaign. That is why I always opt for a short introduction over a guided introduction. It gives me a little more control. I first start by naming the marketing campaign and round off the purchase in kind as an auction.

I also select website visitors because the goal of the marketing campaign is that we will not score a conversion event in this marketing campaign in any way. Since we don’t do music conversions with Instagram followers, we want to send as many people as possible to our Instagram profile and we want a percentage of those people to go directly through the Instagram account.

I have found during my testing that this is a stable approach to buying Instagram followers. You can also leave marketing campaign optimization and just start with the daily financial planning that you are comfortable with. It may be small at first, like five or ten dollars or pounds.

Create Your Ad

Then install the ads. You can pass the initial text, but make sure to include your URL. Basically, you want a vertical video that’s short, crisp, engaging and immersive – you need to give people a purpose to watch you! Try to keep it under 15 seconds so it can be proven in all formats.

Filming the video for your phone is fun, but the crucial part is a clear name for the action at the end. Something like, “Click the hyperlink below this video, then click Watch.” Then publish your marketing campaign and you’re good to go!

Ad Set Placement

Make sure you have ‘Lead Placements’ turned on under Postings and which Instagram placement you chose best. In our example, it’s best to use the Instagram Stories placement, but you can choose one of several Instagram placements if needed.

It’s good to look at one placement at a time to see which works best in your case. For example, you can create ad units for all Instagram placements. To optimize delivery, choose ‘Link Clicks’ instead of the opposite options. Now it’s time to create compelling ads of your own!

Using Your 1% Instagram Engagement Audience

To go back to the ad level audiences and use the custom target market segment and select the target market you created. The best exception to this is if you have a local business and need followers from a specific geographic location best.

It is best to contact Instagram for the placement.I have found that simply using Instagram and keeping people on the Instagram app is the most cost-effective way to gain followers. Then, while you’re on Instagram, you should also reduce the position next to Stories. I’ve found that Instagram Stories attracts followers much better than other placements.

So, unlike max Facebook campaigns where you leave the default settings, I’ve observed an Instagram fan marketing campaign that is painted much higher with tighter settings. There are no other ad set settings that we want to worry about, so you can transfer it to the ad tier.

Creation of Instagram-based ads

Click on your ad set in the ad manager and click create and give your ad a name. Then make sure you have selected the best Facebook page and Instagram account in the Identify section. Then take your Instagram profile URL and put it in the “Website URL” section. Choose both an image and a video to accompany your ad. A short video for Instagram Stories can be higher if you want to match customers to your profile.

Before deciding to move, you can omit it as “Learn More” until you have your own link to use for your Instagram profile in the bio. For example, if you’re promoting a data product or using different lead magnets, you may need to name the move to reflect that. Be fast, unique, and to the point in video ads. Tell visitors why they should stay with you and the costs and benefits of following you on Instagram.

For example, if you had the information product on the bio link, you are able to get visitors interested in buying that product and you can provide other motives to satisfy your desire for brand new product updates. If you run Instagram Stories as placement, you have 15 seconds to instantly convert that viewer into a follower.

If you run photo ads, your photo and text content number one should do the same. When you use a short and unique video for Instagram Stories, you don’t want to show the most important textual content, as the video does the talking. However, if you’re using photo ads, you’ll need to create short text content that gets your message across and the decision to honor the request.

While this marketing campaign is aimed at gaining followers, you should take advantage of removing Instagram profile hyperlinks to take your website out of your marketing and marketing efforts and ensure that the pixel is created.