How to Prepare Yoshinoya Beef Bowl in 15 minutes with none cooking skills

I am a brilliant fan of the Yoshinoya beef rice bowl one. Even whilst crossing Japan I constantly try and have a bowl of actual proper Yoshinoya beef rice bowl.

But one beef bowl with no longer a lot of beef slices is now no longer reasonably-priced in Singapore leh.

1 everyday bowl generally worth around $7 and the beef little or no only.

So one day, we went to Don Don Donki. I continually heard approximately how yummy their meat is. Just enjoyed my Yakiniku sauce that we purchased from Japan.

So determined to move Don Don Donki to discover a comparable one.

We chanced upon this frozen segment for a Beef bowl. It genuinely looks like sliced beef/red meat for Yoshinoya. So I drop every percent into the basket getting ready to move domestically.

Of course, we additionally offered different meat for an Aburi beef Bowl and Beef Steak as well.

Then move domestic preparation, examine the instructions. 

This rice bowl does not want cooking abilities one. It is even better than cooking maggi mee. But the time taken is 20 minutes.

8-nine minutes for the meat. 20 mins for the rice.

How to put together the Yoshinoya Beef Rice Bowl

Here’s what you want to put together: a Yoshinoya Beef Rice Bowl.

  • Japanese Pearl Rice
  • Japanese Running Egg Yolk Egg
  • Sliced Beef 

A. Japanese Pearl Rice Recipe

In layman’s terms is brief grain rice. You can get yoshinoya coupons.

Usually for me, the water to rice ratio is 1:1. I do not know what finger rule. So simply comply with 1:1 can le. And I use the steamer to put together my rice.. Not the usage of Rice Cooker.

This steamer is very handy for a small family. 2-three people. Put within the rice and 1:1 water. Steam for 20 mins settle liao.

B. Japanese Running Egg Yolk Egg Recipe

The egg which you continually see at Japanese eating places charge you $1 to $2 for that egg. 

Which 30cents you could settle and DIY liao.

  • Take out the eggs from the fridge
  • Boil Water till boiled
  • Slowly and lightly positioned the egg in. If now no longer gentle, the egg will crack.
  • Set timer 6mins forty five Secs
  • The range hearthplace positioned medium
  • Times up, and speedy ice tub tub the egg
  • Deshell, reduce 1/2 of and serve

C. Yoshinoya Sliced Beef Recipe

So the sliced beef needs to be purchased from Don Don Donki. Hear say $4.60 can get 1 packet 200g liao. So I sold every one to try.

Honestly the beef one likes greater higher leh.

But here are the stairs with the aid of using a steps guide.

  • Boil Water
  • Put the complete packet usa in for 8 – nine mins
  • You want to test if the beef is slightly heated up
  • Take out and serve with rice

Yoshinoya Sliced Beef Rice Bowl Recipe

So you blended recipe A + B + C.

You get the Yoshinoya Sliced Beef Rice Bowl liao.

If you’ve got sesame and chilli powder even greater shiok.

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