How To Prepare For GEP Singapore? – Tips To Find JC Mathematics Tutor

We understand that preparing for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) Singapore can be a daunting task. With the fierce competition and rigorous selection process, it’s no surprise that parents and students alike are looking for ways to increase their chances of success. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you prepare for the GEP Singapore.

Students who shall accept the invitation to travel for the Gifted Education Program Screening Exercise should attempt to organize it.

Understanding The GEP Singapore Selection Process

The GEP Singapore selection process is designed to identify students who have high potential in areas such as thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving. The selection process is divided into three phases: the Screening, the Selection, and the Placement phase.

During the Screening phase, students are assessed through a series of tests that cover areas such as English, Mathematics, and General Ability. Students who perform well in the Screening phase are then invited to participate in the Selection phase, which includes activities such as group work and interviews. Finally, students who are successful in the Selection phase are placed in the GEP Singapore.

Preparing For The GEP Singapore Screening Phase

The first step in preparing for the GEP Singapore is to understand the content and format of the screening tests. The screening tests cover areas such as Mathematics, English, and General Ability. To prepare for these tests, we recommend using practice materials that are specifically designed for GEP Singapore.

In addition to practicing the content, it’s also important to develop good test-taking skills. Students should learn how to manage their time effectively during the test and how to eliminate answer choices that are unlikely to be correct.

Preparing For The GEP Singapore Selection Phase

If your child is invited to participate in the GEP Singapore Selection phase, it’s important to prepare them for the activities that they will be participating in. The selection phase includes activities such as group work and interviews.

To prepare for the group work activities, we recommend that students practice working in groups and develop skills such as communication and collaboration. It’s also important to practice problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

For the interviews, students should practice answering questions that relate to their interests, achievements, and aspirations. They should also be prepared to discuss their strengths and weaknesses and explain why they would be a good fit for GEP Singapore.

Preparing For The GEP Singapore Placement Phase

If your child is successful in the GEP Singapore Selection phase, they will be placed in the program. It’s important to understand that GEP Singapore is a challenging program that requires a lot of dedication and hard work.

To prepare for the GEP Singapore, we recommend that students develop good study habits and time-management skills. They should also be encouraged to pursue their interests and develop their strengths. It’s important to support your child throughout the program and to provide them with the resources and guidance that they need to succeed.

Here’s what you’ll do before going for the test.

Practice Maths Olympiad Questions

The GEP Singapore screening test questions are quite similar to Maths Olympiad questions if judged by their complexity. The sole thing to require a note of is to limit yourself to questions that don’t transcend the P1-P3 syllabus. Parents can search for such questions online for college kids to practice. 

This may expose them to a spread of concepts that they’ll not have seen before and prepare them for the multitude of the way questions are often phrased. This resemblance will help enhance their confidence while taking the test, which is significant as they’ll be dealing with the timeframe.

Learn Words From Primary English Vocabulary Books

Look at the English section of any book store and you’ll find so many vocabulary guides and assessment guides for all levels. Students should pick the first 4 or higher-level books, and learn as many words as possible.

This will help them with the English and General Ability components of the GEP Screening Test. For English Language Paper, having an outsized vocabulary will directly translate into greater success for the Vocabulary MCQ portion. For the overall Ability Paper, knowing more words is important for answering the verbal or language sort of General Ability questions.

Don’t Spend Quite 5 Minutes On An MCQ Question

Students aren’t penalized for wrong answers, and a few MCQ questions are often rather tricky. Each MCQ shouldn’t take up quite five minutes of a student’s time.

If you’re not 100% sure, it’s better to just circle the question, then take a wild guess and mark the optical answer sheet (OAS) first. If time permits, he or she will come to the question later to unravel it. If a student is battling an MCQ, the simplest method is to easily substitute each option into the question and see if the equations compute. This, however, is time-consuming and will be used only as a final resort.

Tips To Settle On The Simplest Online Maths Tutor In Singapore

Identify Your Learning Style

Everyone has alternative ways of learning. Some require repetition, while others prefer many, many examples and a few need visual explanations like charts and diagrams. A good maths tutor in Singapore will never hesitate to allow you time with the concepts and background of topics. 

Searching For JC Maths Tutors

The easiest thanks to look for a teacher is thru an online program. Simply look for “JC Maths tutor in Singapore”, “Online Maths Tutor in Singapore” or “Online Maths tuition in Singapore” will list out the chances. Do your research and note various online JC maths tutors.

How Does One Know If The Maths Tuition Is Working?

Grades are the apparent indicators of the maths tuition functioning but there are other areas to gauge. Does every maths tutor teach but what’s the added value service or unique point? An honest maths tutor will share public knowledge, tips, tricks, or secrets to solving difficult questions. An honest indicator that the maths tuition in Singapore is functioning is that you simply become more knowledgeable and have the power to show others.


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