How To Have A Natural Conversation On Video Calls

Video calls might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But to make the participants more comfortable some minor actions can be taken. The article contains a few simple tips that will help you to make sure your video conference is natural and gives fruitful outcomes for your presentation. No matter which video chat websites you are using, these basic and easy tips will help you in making your experience natural and easy.

Tips to Make Video Calls Natural

Below are some tried and tested quick tips you can try to enhance the quality and output of your video calls and meetings. 

1. Keep your Posture Straight

Your posture defines your attentiveness. Hence, make sure you are not laid back or in a position that seems unappealing. To make yourself look more interactive or appealing you may try standing.

2. Acknowledge Your Peers

It’s crucial to meaningfully respond to the input provided by each team member. Make use of body language to demonstrate active listening. 

Lean in, tilt your head, and nod in agreement while keeping your eyes aimed directly at the camera. Because of this, everybody on the video call will observe how engaged you are. 

Take care not to interrupt or speak too loudly when others are speaking. Any action you take in person, whether it is good or unpleasant, gets emphasized during video conferencing. Hence, keep in mind your actions and speech.

3. Keep your gestures limited

In in-person meetings as well as video conferences, nonverbal communication is crucial for maintaining a genuine, natural interaction. But, also at the same time, it’s important to limit using too many nonverbal cues. 

Your points won’t get across any more clearly if you wave your arms around more frequently. Instead, it will appear awkward, as if you are performing rather than engaging in conversation.

4. Keep the meeting engaging

Engage everyone by asking questions throughout presentations. Nobody wishes to hear a talking head, so encourage participants to participate in the chat. Identify their background when joining, and ask questions throughout the speech or meeting.

It’s important to involve participants by responding to their questions in person or via online chat. Make as many interactions as you can.

5. Maintain constant eye contact

Eye contact is the most difficult nonverbal communication technique for many people to master, both in the real world and online. This means you need to look into the webcam rather than merely your monitor. 

Normally people have a tendency to prefer face-to-face communication. Hence, whenever you are on a video call, make sure to keep your screen view as close to your webcam as possible so that you can maintain eye contact.

There are so many people that converse on the calls without looking into their webcams. So, try to place the webcam just below or above the screen on which you are speaking to the person or people. 

Looking at someone makes you appear more involved in the conversation, and your reactions clearly visible.

6. Keep prior preparations for meetings

Nowadays, the majority of meetings take place virtually, thus it is always beneficial to be prepared. It is discovered that having a meeting facilitator helps to keep the conversation moving and makes sure all opinions are heard. 

Preparing and participating in icebreaker activities at the start can also be beneficial for making people feel more at ease during video conferences.

It’s necessary to prepare and be knowledgeable about your project matter before a video conference, just like you would do in person. On a computer screen, reading a prewritten script never sounds natural or interesting. Your presentation will reflect how passionate and prepared you are. So, always be well-prepared.

7. Keep the background professional

In meetings, the person’s view of your world is through the webcam. One of the strongest nonverbal indicators is the environment and background. You should check and keep in mind the environment of your background and how will it appear to the person sitting in front of you. 

Make sure it presents the business impressions you want others to have of you and looks professional.

8. Maintain flexibility for speech

Make sure to include enough time for discussion among participants. There should be a pause between ideas to allow for comments or questions. So, try to keep pauses and silence between topics so that people get room to speak and raise queries. Silence is something that will drive people to speak up when they otherwise might not.

9. Be attentive

You must appear lively in video conferencing. Wherever possible, participate in the event or meeting by talking, smiling, nodding, or waving on camera. There might be numerous distractions, but despite that pay close attention to what is going on. This will create a good and strong impression in front of other people. 

10. Use the hand-raising feature

When there are many excellent ideas to discuss and many enthusiastic speakers, running a video conference might be difficult. Using the hand-raising function of the video calling platform is a useful strategy for obtaining good results and including personal interactions. 

It allows the host to control the atmosphere and gives everyone an opportunity to respectfully contribute without interfering with one another.

11. Use the video chat platform tools

Using the Video chat app’s responses tool, you can respond to someone’s convincing argument with nonverbal indicators. If you have a query or just want to say hello, you can join your coworkers or clients in a private conversation. You’ll be astonished at how natural and enhanced your video call becomes if you use a new nonverbal feature every time.

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And it’s done. By following the above guidelines, you should be able to keep the conversation flowing effortlessly, avoid awkward moments, and ensure better connectivity with your remote colleagues or clients. Hopefully, the above tips will help you improve your video call and meeting experience. Apply these quick tips and it will amplify your engagement with your peers. Moreover, these tips when applied can make your conversations more natural.