How to Fix QuickBooks Error 108 While Online Banking

QuickBooks error 108 refers to an online banking problem. The servers of both banks get involved when you add your account. Your bank and QuickBooks should both be functioning. Server issues could cause this error if they aren’t. Although there may be other causes, it is important to know how to fix error 108. This error can also occur in QuickBooks Online and Self Employed. For every version of QuickBooks Online, there are reliable solutions. To fix the error 108 in online banking, you must perform them accurately.

Why does QuickBooks 108 Error Occur?

  • The connection to QuickBooks can be blocked if the bank or credit card company sends a message. This error code 108 could occur.
  • It is possible that the bank connection facility has not been updated.
  • It is possible that you have multiple bank accounts added to the software. These accounts could be causing this banking problem.
  • Your credentials may have been changed. The accounting software may not have updated the credentials.
  • Users will find the banking feature very useful. It is essential to update it in order not to see this QuickBooks problem.

How can you fix the QuickBooks Error number 108?

There are many ways to fix the banking error 108 QuickBooks. You can start by following the instructions in the messages from your bank. Once you have completed this, the online banking service can be upgraded in your accounting software. You should also ensure that QuickBooks is connected to the bank’s server.

Fix 1: Go to the Credit Card/Bank Website and check out the Messages

The error 108 QuickBooks is caused by bank or credit card notifications regarding service rules, offers, and so on. Visit the website to resolve the problem. You will be able access the notifications via your account and take the necessary actions. If the account is linked to the software, this should fix error 108.

Visit the website for your bank/credit card.
You can access your account from that site.
You must use the same account credentials as QuickBooks. If you find that your credentials are different, open the accounting software. You can delete your bank/credit card account in QuickBooks. Next, connect this account with the other credentials.

Check your account to see if you have received any messages. You can also look out for an update or notification. Once one has been found, you can open it.
Follow the instructions in the notification or message.
Now, open QuickBooks. The QuickBooks error108 could not have occurred since the message was resolved.
Certain users may not find any notifications/updates/messages. This error 108 could still be visible. You can still use your browser in this case. It may block pop-ups. Unblock it. The software can then be opened once more to verify that the error code is fixed.

Fix 2: Receive Banking Updates

You must ensure that your software has an up-to-date banking feature. If you fail to do this, the banking error 108 QuickBooks problem can continue. You can update the feature to get rid of this error. Make sure you are using a supported browser. The error might not be fixed if you don’t.

Follow these steps to update the QuickBooks banking feature.

In Step 1, you must open the software.
Next, you will need to search for “Banking”. After finding it, press the option.
Click the “Update” option.
This banking feature can be updated by the software. The upgrades should be completed after the process is complete.

Fix 3: Wait for your bank’s server to become available

When you use QuickBooks to conduct operations, the server of your bank must be available. If the server is down, error 108 will appear in the interval between operations.

If you find yourself in this situation, open your browser. Next, check the website for your bank. Check to see if the site has any server issues. If the site is showing problems, you can determine the root cause of QuickBooks error 108.

In such a scenario, it is recommended to wait until the server becomes available again. You can check the status by visiting the bank’s website regularly.

How can I fix the QuickBooks Online Error Number 108?

The 108 error in QuickBooks Online can be corrected mainly by updating or upgrading your details. Upgrades are necessary to improve the functionality that allows you to connect your bank with your software. You can also add your most recent banking password or ID to the software. You will be able execute your banking operations with the latest credentials, without the error108 in QuickBooks Online.

Fix 1: Update your banking information

If your account information is not up-to-date, you may experience the banking error 108 issue. The banking error 108 QuickBooks Online issue may persist even if you have updated your credentials but not updated the software. This issue can be fixed by simply updating your information through the Banking tab of the software.

  • Choose the option that mentions “Banking”.
  • Next, use “Pencil”. This icon is located next to the account name.
  • Select the option “Edit Sign-in Information”.
  • Change the ID associated with your account.
  • Provide a new password to this ID.

Fix 2: Implement Bank Connection updates

QuickBooks Online allows you to add your bank account. This is for many reasons. This feature also allows you to update. To prevent problems such as error 108 in QuickBooks Online, you will need to install them. If you have already experienced this error code, it is worth updating your bank connection facility.

  • Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
  • Look for the section on “Bookkeeping”.
  • This will take you to the “Transactions” option.
  • Please tap on “Bank Transactions”
  • You will find the “Update” service here. It is easy to press.
  • Updates for bank connections will now be available in QuickBooks Online. Gradually, the software will no longer indicate the QuickBooks Online error number 108.

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How do you troubleshoot the QuickBooks Banking Error 108 Self-Employed Problem?

You can fix the error108 QuickBooks Self Employed bug by updating your system. This software can be used without problems. You can also refresh your bank accounts. This error 108 will be removed in either case.

Thoughts in conclusion

When your accounts are being operated through this software, you may encounter banking errors such as the code 108. Upgrading the facility is essential to avoid such errors. To maintain their performance, it is important to refresh the accounts. You will be able execute banking tasks quickly and without worrying about the QuickBooks error 108.