How to Find the Best Dubai High Schools?

Education has created a furor in society and made us realise its importance. Hence, various Dubai high schools have reinvented their educational approach, each offering distinct benefits. However, finding the best schools in Dubai requires perseverance and introspection. Here, we have enumerated some ways to find the best school for your ward.

1.      Check the curriculum offered by Dubai high school.

A good Dubai high school offers students an education that grooms and hones their academic diligence and prepares them for the future. The students learn advanced learning skills from the expert faculty interestingly and excitingly.

2.      Check the infrastructure of private schools in Dubai.

The private schools in Dubai offer top-rated academic learning, facilities, and superior infrastructure. They should have practical science labs, a big playground, and an art studio to make the child proficient in their area of interest.

3.      Check their focus area.

Like GIS, private schools in Dubai follow the 9 GEM approach. The approach helps the students to imbibe entrepreneurial, leadership, creativity, arts, community, and universal values. The focus is not only on improving their cognitive skills but also developing their creative skills to make them future leaders. The Dubai high school also focuses on improving the students’ intellect and emotional health.

4.      Check whether they have the modern tools necessary for present-day education.

Present-day education is not limited to the blackboard method. The Next Gen students require modern campus and educators who are upgraded with the knowledge of the latest tools and technology to make the learning experience seamless. 

5.      Check what difference they will bring into your child’s personality.

A good school in Dubai follows a holistic learning approach where a deep concentration is paid to academics and other activities to make the child feel confident and independent. The aim is to improve the overall child’s personality.

6.      Check whether they provide scholarships.

The prominent and reputed schools in Dubai give a unique opportunity to every student to become a global citizen. These schools have access to reputable universities and encourage students to pursue higher education in these universities at a subsidised rate.

7.      Check what kind of extracurricular activities are offered by them.

A good private school in Dubai aims to make the students academically qualified while paying attention to their emotional health. They strive to make them stronger and fitter by providing them access to ECA and CCA activities, including indoor and outdoor sports, skills-based labs, and studios to enhance the students’ new skills.

8.      Check whether they encourage parents’ interactivity.

Find a school that organises many activities and events where parents can participate and learn about the school’s atmosphere. They should have established forums and groups where the parents can share their positive stories. Apart from parent-teacher meetings, the provision should be there for one-to-one meetings.

Bottom Line

If you are relocating to Dubai with your family, there may be countless questions among them, and the most prominent would be how to find the best school, especially when each of them labels it as a top education hub. The above points will help you select the finest school in Dubai.