How To Decide Which International School In Tokyo Is Best For You

International schools in Tokyo are known for their smaller, more intimate student body and their focus on the English language. The city’s international schools have been around for decades, with a long history of providing educational opportunities for young people who may not have had much exposure to an American-style education.

These schools are often associated with the city’s “haves” – those families who can afford private school tuition – but they’re also popular with families who want an international education experience, as well as students from all backgrounds who want to learn English while living in Japan.

International schools in Tokyo can be found throughout the city, but most are located close to downtown. These schools provide a great opportunity for students of all ages, both because they offer a traditional curriculum that meets standards set by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and because they offer immersion opportunities that allow students to practice speaking Japanese at home every day.

What is the Education System of an international school in Tokyo

The International School in Tokyo is a private, English-language school for children ages 3 through 18. We provide an engaging and supportive learning environment that prepares students for success in life, both in Japan and globally.

Our students are placed into one of three age-appropriate classes each day: Pre-Kindergarten (Kindergarten), Toddler, or Preschool. All classes are taught by experienced teachers who are passionate about developing their students’ global awareness and understanding of the world around them.

Our curriculum is designed to help students build on their individual strengths and interests while also encouraging them to explore and express themselves creatively, which will help them succeed in college and beyond.

We believe that education should be fun! That’s why we offer an exciting range of extracurricular activities (such as art, music, and sports) that will encourage your child’s growth as a person while also developing skills he or she will need later on in life.