How To Charge A Laptop Battery Without A Laptop

There will come a time where your battery will be empty and your laptop can’t charge. It is crucial to understand how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop.

There are two ways for achieving this:

External charging using an AC adapter

The battery can be charged by using another laptop

Complete Guide How to Charge a Laptop Battery Without a Laptop

Charging A Battery Externally

A variety of laptop batteries are able to connect to external charging devices to charge.

It is important to check the adapter, which is able to charge the laptop’s battery. It is essential to ensure that the pins connect.

Laptop battery manufacturers create laptop batteries in a variety of ways. They can be charged externally with adapters.

This method only works with laptop battery packs that can be DETACHABLE. Laptop batteries inside work differently. External chargers aren’t available for them.

Advantage Of Externally Rechargeable Battery

This is a solution for people who want to ensure that their laptops are fully charged, regardless of whether they experience issues with their laptop charger or power supply.

It’s always recommended to keep an additional battery pack for your laptop in the bag just in the event of a need.

It’s crucial to ensure that your laptop has an efficient battery that is able to be charged without needing to connect it. If you’re traveling without access charging facilities, you may charge an extra battery while working with your computer. It can take a while to charge your laptop when the charger has been damaged or lost.

Identifying Laptop Model

It is essential to have all the data about your laptop before you are able to access the website of the vendor.

The information is in the instruction manual you received along with your laptop. Also, you can find the details about the laptop on the control panel or beneath the lower plate cover.

System Information

It is possible that the MODEL code of the laptop might not be in the system’s information. However, you can do the steps below.

Windows 7 allows you to quickly access information about your system by clicking My Computer in the start menu, then choosing Property.

It is also possible to find this information in the system information on your control panel.

Click to open Control Panel from the start menu.

Click on the System and Security. This will open the System Information Panel.

After confirming the details, you will now in a position to visit the site of the vendor to purchase an updated AC charger connector, or batteries that will meet your needs.

Using A Laptop To Charge The Battery

If you’ve tried all of these methods but didn’t achieve success, this might be the last option.

A different laptop that has the same model as the one you are currently using is required. If you don’t own a similar laptop, or are traveling then this might not be the best alternative.

My view is that connecting your AC adapter to your laptop’s port is the ideal method of charging the battery in your laptop. A second battery is an excellent idea to put in your purse so that you can charge it while another is powering your laptop. Learn how to reset airpods and airpods pro.

What Are Internal Batteries?

Modern laptops have internal batteries that are not removable. The internal batteries are light and thin, which means they could replace removable ones.

If you own any of the laptops then you’ll need a second notebook to recharge it.

It is either a laptop with a functioning battery is needed or you’ll require plenty of experience opening laptop batteries and fixing them. This is something only skilled technicians are able to do.

It will also require tools and equipment to remove and open the batteries, and then recharge them with a special charger. It’s about the same as a laptop with a budget.

If you’re an experienced and you can take the battery out while creating an apparatus that has the same current and voltage then you may be able to charge the laptop battery.

We strongly recommend against the removal of internal batteries without the assistance of a professional. It’s risky to experiment with the batteries. Learn how to fix a laptop charger that won’t charge.


There are two methods to charge laptop batteries. It is necessary to remove the battery cell out of the laptop and then charge it in separate.

This is a potentially dangerous and complex procedure which we wouldn’t recommend. This is particularly true if do not have much previous experience working with electronic devices.

Batteries are a risk. There are a myriad of warnings about the dangers of batteries. It’s not a great idea to play with them without knowing the basics.

If you are unable to solve the problem, we suggest you consult an skilled technician.

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