How Much Does it Cost to Hire Python Developers in 2023 ?

It is 2023 and expensive to hire Python developers because of its high demand. Everyone boasts of being an expert, even the ones without less than one year of experience. Hiring the wrong python developer will cost the company time and crucial resources in times like these. 

The cost to hire Python developers varies from experience to experience, country, expertise, and mode of engagement. In this article, we will explore the cost to hire Python developers based on top websites and different countries across the globe.

What is Python?

Python is a programming language, and it is popular, and developers can learn it quickly because of better readability. If you want to find out how much it costs to hire Python developers in 2023, you will get the details here. 

Python offers extensive support to third-party modules because it is a free and open-source programming language. Developers easily integrate web services, create robust data structures, etc. 

Python is constantly getting more popular and you will need to hire python developers with the expert background to create user-friendly projects at low cost.

Why Hire Python Developers?

There are many reasons to hire Python developers. It is an easily readable programing language, integration with other services is easy, and many more. These help developers grasp the language quickly and create projects that benefit the companies. Some crucial factors to hire Python developers are listed below.

  • Versatility and Flexibility

Python can be used for various tasks, from web development to data analysis to artificial intelligence.

  • Large Community and Support Ecosystem

Python has a massive user community and a wealth of open-source libraries and frameworks, making it easy to find help and resources.

  • Clean and Readable Code

Python code is generally easier to read and write than other languages, making it easier to maintain and scale projects.

  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Python’s simple syntax and powerful features can lead to faster development times and fewer bugs, increasing overall productivity.

Why is the Cost to Hire Python Developers Affected?

Many factors affect the cost to hire Python developers. It may be the region from where the developers belong, the experience and expertise of the developers, etc. 

Below is a list of factors that affect the price to hire python developers – 

  • Skill Level and Experience

The more skilled and experienced a Python developer is, the higher their hourly or project rate will likely be.

  • Location and Cost of Living

The cost of hiring a Python developer can vary widely depending on their location, with higher prices in more expensive cities or regions.

  • Project Complexity and Scope

More complex and larger-scale projects may require more skilled and experienced developers, which can increase costs.

  • Type of Engagement and Work Arrangement

Hiring a Python developer on a contract or project basis may be more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee with benefits and other overhead costs.

  • Supply and Demand in the Market

The cost of hiring a Python developer can be affected by market conditions, including the overall demand for Python developers and the availability of qualified candidates.

From Where to Hire Python Developers?

There are ample places to find expert python developers. But not all experts deliver as promised. If you are tight on budget, affording an expert hiring team and running a lengthy hiring process is unlikely. So the following are the places from where you can directly find and hire Python developers – 

  • Job Boards and Freelancing Platforms

Sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Upwork, and Freelancer allow you to post job listings or search for freelancers with Python skills.

  • Social Media and Networking Sites

Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and GitHub can be used to search for Python developers, connect with them, and check their portfolios and experience.

  • Tech Conferences and Meetups

Attending or sponsoring local tech conferences and meetups lets you network with Python developers and find candidates.

  • Recommendations and Referrals 

Asking colleagues, friends, or other developers for recommendations or referrals can help you find qualified Python developers.

  • Online Coding Communities

Websites like Stack Overflow and Reddit have active coding communities where you can find and connect with Python developers.

You must choose one software development partner if you are still looking for crucial Python developers from these sources. This partner will offer you project management of freelancers. If you want to avoid handing over your project to somebody else, you can ask for pre-vetted freelancers and experts in their fields. 

You can onboard these experts and integrate them with your in-house developer and take control of your project development process. Optymize is a partner offering pre-vetted freelance Python developers within 48 hours of your request. 

What are the Use cases of Python Development?

Python has a wide range of technical uses in both Frontend and Backend. We have created a list of Python use cases. 

  1. Data Science – It has an extensive library and easy use so it is a good choice for data analysis and machine learning tasks.
  2. Scripting – It is used for automation tasks and scripting purposes, such as automating system administration tasks and data processing. 
  3. Network Programming – Python has strong library support for network programming and protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, and FTP.
  4. Game Development – Python can be used to develop games and game engines, particularly for 2D games.
  5. GUI Development – Python has several GUI frameworks such as PyQt and Tkinter which can be used to develop desktop applications with a graphical user interface.
  6. Web Scraping – Python has excellent support for web scraping and can be used to extract data from websites for data analysis and other purposes.
  7. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality – Python is used to develop AR/VR applications, particularly for data visualization and 3D modelling.

Hourly Price to Hire Python Developers

The hourly rate of Python developers varies from site to site. It also varies according to the region. The following is the list of prices of expert Python developers and have more than five years of experience 

The list of top websites and the hourly cost to hire Python developers – 

  1. – $43 – $52
  2. Upwork – $20 – $40
  3. ZipRecruiter – $45 – $54
  4. PayScale – $16 – $59

Average Yearly Cost to Hire Python Developers

The average yearly cost varies based on different factors. These are rough estimates based on data from various sources. Individual rates vary based on factors such as skill level, experience, and project complexity.

CountryAverage Yearly Cost (USD)
United States$110,000 – $150,000
United Kingdom$55,000 – $96,000
Canada$56,000 – $96,000
Australia$68,000 – $91,000
Germany$53,000 – $89,000
France$47,000 – $82,000
India$11,000 – $20,000
Ukraine$30,000 – $60,000
Poland$21,000 – $34,000
Brazil$22,000 – $37,000
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In-house developers are more expensive than remote developers. Remote developers are flexible and you can scale your team as per your requirements. But the problem is with cost. As stated, if you hire Python developers remotely you can save cost on office space, health benefits and other costs. 

It is better to hire Python developers from overseas with top expertise and minimum cost to develop your project.