How Features of UPDF Make It a Powerful PDF Editor and PDF Converter

What an editor needs for editing if there is a PDF file? And the answer is a handy and powerful PDF editor. There are many PDF editors and converters available online. But the sad news is that they are not free. To edit PDF files, you have to purchase a PDF editor. But Spaceace Software company has launched a free PDF editor compared to other expensive editors. UPDF has all the important features needed for PDF file editing, annotating, and converting. In this article, we shall introduce the rich features provided by UPDF.

How Features of UPDF Make It a Powerful PDF Editor and PDF Converter

Worthy Features of UPDF

You must be thinking, what is UPDF? One of the best and easy-to-use free PDF editors. It is a solution for head-scratching PDF file editing. If you have UPDF installed in your system, you need not worry about handling tough PDF documents.

Here are some of the important attributes of UPDF that makes it a powerful PDF editor.

1: Add and Edit Text in PDF Document

It has now become easier to add or even edit content on PDFs. With the help of UPDF, you can move, modify, delete, insert, copy-paste text in PDF document. This PDF text editor also allows you to choose from many font options like color, size, style, alignment, etc.

Except for editing text, UPDF also allows you to add new text to PDF documents. You are able to insert text anywhere on your PDF document. You can also insert rich text by selecting and dragging text from other places, such as from a webpage, or from a Word document.

2: Add and Edit PDF Images in PDF Document

Along with text, you can edit images, too, as UPDF has many options for image editing. You can insert, crop, replace, extract, rotate, and remove images from PDF.

To add a new image, you can click the “Add Image” button, or you can simply drag the new image into your PDF document when you can in the editing mode with UPDF.

To replace an image, you can click the “Replace” icon, or you can replace the image by dragging and dropping a new one after selecting it.

  1. Convert Your PDF Documents Fast

There are a lot of situations where you want to convert PDF to other formats, such as Word. However, finding a reliable PDF converter is a difficult job. Although there are a lot of online PDF converters out there, you will always be worried about the security of your document. It is better for you to use desktop PDF software to ensure conversion quality and security. UPDF can help you out.

UPDF allows you to convert PDF to Excel, Word, PPT, Text, Images, HTML, XML, and many other formats. If your PDF document is a scanned one, you can turn on the OCR text recognition feature in UPDF and it will help you convert scanned PDF into editable PDF.

3. Convert Your PDF Documents Fast

4: View and Add Comments to PDF Documents

With UPDF, you can also add comments to PDF. Commenting options make it easier for you to add comments in the form of:

  • Text box, sticky notes, text comments (typewriter), text callouts
  • Highlight, underline, strikethrough, squirrely line in different colors
  • All kinds of stamps and stickers
  • Handwritten signatures
  • You can use the pen tool to draw lines, shapes, geometric patterns, or arrows to make your editing more fun.

View and Add Comments to PDF Documents

5: Organize All the Pages in a PDF Document

This is an amazing feature of the free PDF editor – UPDF. You have the authority to manage multiple files. You can reorder, delete, extract, rotate, replace, and insert pages to PDF documents.

You can also control page range while manipulating files. You can choose from Odd pages, even pages, portrait pages, landscape pages, and all pages.

6: User-Friendly Interface and Slideshow Mode

UPDF has an easy-to-use and innovative interface design. You can read, view, and edit PDF files without hustle and glitch. The continuous and consistent efficiency of the editor makes it the apple of the eye of the editors.

You can now enjoy reading PDF documents in multiple reading modes. Add bookmarks where you left reading or editing documents to check later. You get the tabbed view for multiple documents to open any of them easily.

Moreover, if you like to present your documents like PowerPoint presentations, UPDF has that slideshow feature. It offer a pen tool in the slideshow mode to help you make a better presentation.

Take away:

UPDF intends to add more advanced features to give its customers more solutions on PDF. You will be suprised after you using this software. You can trust this free PDF editor compared to other expensive editors as it has all the features you will use in PDF file editing. You have full control over editing, annotating, and managing PDF pages with it. The users of UPDF are already in awe and satisfied after using this application. What more can you get without spending a single buck? All you have to do is click a download button and install this editor.