How effective are custom eLearning solutions for Leadership Development Courses?

A well-designed leadership development course uses many methods, like instructor-led sessions and assignments, for developing competency in job roles. It also focuses on continuous and impactful feedback, extensive coaching and mentoring, and self-paced learning. The value of a designed leadership course is that all these approaches work independently and can be easily combined for a powerful and effective learning process. However, the only limitation of designing leadership development courses is that they need to improve areas of specific concern to an organization. In a typical off-the-shelf version of eLearning, the solutions are generic – collaboration, creativeness, reflective dialogue or reasoning and relationships, self-discovery, and similar skills. What needs to be improved is the role-defined skills a leader would need to operate in the organization’s goal-defined framework. 

Custom eLearning solutions hyperlocalize leadership programs for the specific goals and objectives an organization wants to achieve. Custom solutions can create branded learning experiences driving progressive ROI. Leadership qualities define an organization’s future, and custom solutions create strong next-in-line leadership for a smooth transition of roles and strategic growth. 

What is a custom eLearning solution for Leadership?

It begins with the development of the self as the leader. This is a crucial step as it creates the psychological framework an individual will have to follow to gain mastery over the self and is effective in communicating ideas to team members. At the next level, the individual is provided the pathway to becoming a team leader. At this level, eLearning solutions give the executives practice in conscious decision-making and mastering the ability to communicate issues and resolve them. 

At the next level, the individual grows from being a team leader to becoming a leader of the leaders. Here, the individual learns the approach to handling co-leaders from his customized eLearning solution. A thought-leadership approach is explored for this level of learning. The individual will have to be technically very knowledgeable to understand and validate the ideas of the co-leaders. At the same time, be decisive in handling the management hierarchy in implementing strategies, negotiating shared resources between teams, and empathizing with individual members if the processes are facing issues. The effectiveness of a customized solution for leadership is learning the skills to negotiate for shared resources. 

A crucial role of leaders at this level is to be problem-solving professionals who can step in and take charge of situations, allocate new resources, and introduce new roles to handle projects better. The leader should also be able to use available data to interpret business intelligence and make appropriate decisions. For example, in a manufacturing company that uses steel as a raw material, purchase managers and their superiors need to gain insight into the price in forthcoming weeks and months to maintain their inventory using available market data. 

In the highest role as a leader, the talented executive is expected to have critical-thinking capabilities, be a master in the art of negotiating deals with customers, handle competitor- pressure and arrive at crucial decisions by leveraging technology and subject matters. 

Hence, a customized leadership development plan focuses on the executive’s initial development goals to become a high-profile leader. The next stage for the executive is to explore and learn the different traits that great leaders need and the approach to developing the same. A primary focus in the leadership development plan is to allow the executive to list their top values and compare them for self-perception against other opinions. A personal version method is required to help the executive choose the options or styles of leadership skills he or she wants to develop. 

Wrapping Up

Leadership courses that use multiple methods like instructor-led learning, self-paced learning, videos, workshops, and simulations for a custom-built learning program are the key to building next-in-line leadership. To know more about custom eLearning solutions and leadership development courses, speak to our team of experts at Infopro Learning now!