How Do Wooden Crates and Pallets Make Shipping Easier?

The substantial increase in trade globally has sparked the use of various means of transport practices. Whether the products are shipped by air or cargo, it is important to maintain their fragility; in many cases, these products are affected during the shipment procedure. Various professionals in the trading industry are implying using wooden shipping crates to maintain the product’s infrastructure. In this way, it is very efficient to use wood shipping crates regularly.

A wooden box crate is a box made out of wood in a way to carry a lot of weight. It also simultaneously maintains the product’s condition, which is to be transferred from one particular location to another. Many trading agencies are using wooden shipping crates, and their use is projected to increase over the years. Various factors make a wooden crate box  ideal equipment to make shipping easier for people.

Stronger than Cardboard

Wooden Crates and Pallets are much stronger than simple cardboard made of a fragile material. What makes cardboard a weak component for shipping products is that it cannot sustain itself in variable temperature conditions. It can easily catch moisture, making it prone to damage; therefore, replacing old-fashion cardboard with a much stronger wooden shipping crate is much more beneficial for people in the trade. Across the globe, a wooden crate box provides safety and resilience, which is missing in normal cardboard.

Maintain specificity of products.

Although cardboard can also distinguish products in large shipments, sorting products efficiently in the load is impossible. Therefore, wooden pallets make sorting a particular product type easier in the shipment. At the same time, the design of wood shipping crates makes it easier to find a specific piece of the product when large products are at disposal or are kept for recycling. Specificity is an essential aspect of trade as it helps to reduce time and cut costs for extra assortment.

Fast Rate Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading stuff from wooden crate boxes is convenient because of its simplistic design and compact infrastructure. They are easy to lift and move around the area and are highly efficient for trading products. A product does not experience any damage when it is taken out of the wooden shipping crate. Also, loading is very easy as one can place the product in the crate directly, and afterward, the products can be transferred to the desired location after it is unloaded.

Crates and Pallets are Environment-Friendly 

One of the most impactful reasons for using wooden crate pallets is that they have a little environmental impact. Trees are important for producing crates and pallets, so they are recyclable and reusable. At the same time, it is very easy to discard pallets for recycling and make energy for further disposal. It is important to note that from the making process of the pallet to its entire discarding, the pallets or wood shipping crate has no impact on our environment, which should be considered to help save the climate crisis and promote the use of sustainable practices in general.

Customized Design for the Crate

The product’s requirement decides the wooden crate’s customization. A particular product requires a 100-centimeter cube of volume. Then based on this requirement, people can easily customize the crate’s design to fit that specific development piece in the box. The plan will not only help to adjust the product easily, but it will also maintain the integrity of the product as the product is easily fitted in the wooden box. There are many custom designs which are available for crates.

Mobility of Pallets is Very Significant.

The pallets are easy to move from one place to another because of their mobility. Even in the case of old-school crates, there is very little friction on the container, as we all are familiar with friction’s impact on items’ wear and tear. Because crates and pallets suffer less friction, it will improve their shelf lives and make them reusable multiple times for import and export during the trade. Mobility can also make it easier to move stuff around a single individual.

Pallets and Crates: Ship Products, Not Debris!

As we have seen, the multiple advantages of crates and pallets in trade prove that people should use pallets and crates to ship products. We all know products’ value and importance in people’s lives. Therefore, emphasizing the efficient and safe transfer of products worldwide is very important. Pallets and crates are efficient tools that have drastically improved the flow of products worldwide with their simple yet effective design. 

Companies ship various types of lethal products globally in shipments and cargoes. It is important to use supreme materials in the wooden crate box, and that’s why professionals use wooden shipping crates in trade and commerce exclusively. One can understand that pallets and containers are ideal for decreasing shipping accidents and saving products and lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to customize wood shipping crates?

Yes, it is possible to customize wood shipping crates.

Which is heavier, a wooden crate box or cardboard?

Rigid boxes are heavier than cardboard.

Can we reuse wooden crates?

Yes, you can easily reuse wooden crates. 


The rise of trade across the globe increased the demand for effective materials for import and export. Wooden crate boxes are ideal for delivering products safely and securely worldwide. The use of pallets and crates is significantly increasing, and at the same time, cardboard’s use is decreasing. It is because of their weak infrastructure for keeping stuff and different products.

What makes wooden pallets much more resourceful than normal cardboard is that they are much stronger than cardboard and do not get affected by other variables of heat and moisture. Also, they are very easy to load and unload, making the shipping process much more efficient. Crates are environment-friendly and do not affect the environment in any way whatsoever. At last, the workers can customize boxes based on the products, and their mobility can easily be increased for maximized output.