How Can Solar Energy be used in Commercial Business?

Solar energy has traditionally been used by homes, industries, and small businesses. However, renewable energy is becoming more commonly used amongst commercial Business. The use of solar power has picked up in recent years, specifically in the area of real estate. Any residential or commercial property that is fitted with solar panels is regarded as smart. The main reason for this is that in the long run, commercial solar panel installation can become very beneficial for the owner.

Solar energy is an amazing source of power generated by technology that produces electricity from natural sunlight. Solar energy can be used to power both homes and businesses and is the most accessible form of renewable energy as compared to hydropower or wind turbines. More and more companies are investing in solar energy because of its many benefits. This blog will look at the different ways solar energy can be used to help power your business.

1. Reduction in Power Expenses

Any business owner knows that one of the largest operational expenses is often electricity; without it, the business wouldn’t be able to function. However, solar energy provides a way to reduce these power expenses in the long run, as solar panels can produce power for 25-35 years with little maintenance required. Additionally, using solar energy helps lower the operating cost of businesses, making it a more sustainable and affordable option in the long term.

2. Federal and State Incentives For Commercial Business Solar

As a business owner or builder, you may be wondering if commercial solar projects are eligible for federal and state incentives. The good news is that they are qualified, which can help to lower the overall cost of switching to solar power. The federal incentive, known as the Investment Tax Credit, is a credit for 30% of the total system cost. Apart from the federal tax credit, many other incentives are available, such as rebates, financing programs, individual state credits, and renewable energy credits. These can all help to cover the overall installation cost.

3. Enhance Brand Reputation

No matter the size of your company, if you’re a business owner, you should maintain a green image and be conscious of the importance of sustainability. One method to achieve this is through commercial solar panel installation on your business property. This is an innovative way to promote your business and leave a good impression on customers and clients. Not only are solar panels an efficient way to save money and be more environmentally responsible, but they can also be popular with your clients. 

4. Reduce Dependence on Grid 

There are many reasons why solar energy makes for an effective alternative energy source. It reduces your business’s carbon footprint and gives you greater autonomy from the grid—most electricity-dependent businesses like the idea of keeping their operations running even during power cuts. You can use this to your advantage and stand out amongst the competition! The government is also currently offering tax exemptions for all types of solar power equipment, which makes it easier for you to incorporate solar energy into your business.

5. Boost Property Value

If you own a commercial building, it’s time to consider investing in commercial solar panel installation. Not only will you increase the value of your property, but you’ll also be ensuring long-term financial gain – something that most investors can appreciate. Solar panels are known to produce energy for extended periods of time, making them a long-term investment for your business. If you ever choose to change your business location, your solar panels will provide an excellent value-add that buyers will appreciate. 

6.To Avoid Power Outages

One of the significant benefits that a business can get by using commercial solar is that they no longer have to depend on the grid during situations like blackouts or power outages since, with the help of commercial solar and a proper battery storage system, organizations will be able to generate 100% of the power required to run their business without any interruptions in future.

7.Stable Power Supply with Low Maintenance

Commercial solar systems are one of the most genuine and reliable sources of energy, providing a stable power supply with low maintenance. Given that the average lifespan of commercial solar panels ranges from 20 to 25 years, depending on quality, and that once connected, they don’t require much maintenance and will provide continuous power for the foreseeable future. 

8. Get a Great Return on Investment

Going green is regarded as a great investment for both businesses and the environment, as it protects the environment from rising carbon emissions while also reducing your business’s carbon footprint. Installing commercial solar will not only save you money by avoiding peak hour charges but its value will also be boosted as compared to buildings that don’t have solar installed. Even if you sell it later, it’s a win-win situation for your future.

9.Help Boosts the Local Economy:

Commercial solar panel installation can lead to a boost in the local economy by providing local services and job opportunities. Commercial solar systems are usually installed by local installers, which helps provide them with business opportunities. Opting for the services of a local solar company can help boost the growth of the local economy and help your business create social upliftment.

With the new California Solar Mandate and new net metering 3.0 sustainable charges, which will cut the average export rate in California from $0.30 per kilowatt to $0.08 per kilowatt and make those cuts effective in April 2023, resulting in a 75% reduction in the value of exports, it’s more than necessary for businesses to consider switching to commercial solar in order to keep their business expenses within the budget.

With a significant number of people becoming aware of solar power and its ability to reduce carbon emissions and lower energy costs, many businesses are now considering commercial solar panel installation for their business. With solar tax credits and rebates available, now is a great time to integrate solar energy into your commercial construction projects.

Solar energy has become an increasingly popular source of electricity for homeowners. With zero emissions, impressive durability and most importantly, excellent savings, it’s no wonder that solar panels have become an accessible source of power. For those interested in understanding the mechanism behind the generation of solar energy, let’s dive into what makes solar panels tick.