Get The Most Out Of Your Home Theater System

One of the first opinions you have to make when designing a home theater system is picking a set of speakers. The speakers you choose will depend on what type of system you’re trying to make( stereo or compass), and how important space you have. We’ve broken down all of the major home theater speaker orders below, and recommended one set from each of them to save you time. 

What Are the Best Home Theater Speakers?

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the stylish home theater speaker systems for you; below are the most important bones, which we considered while we were probing this list. 

1. Audioengine HD6

Despite being the most compact set of home theater speakers we recommend, AudioEngine has equipped the HD6s with many connectivity features. Speakers include a set of RCA (red and yellow) inputs, a set of RCA outputs, a 3.5mm audio input, optical audio input, and a Bluetooth antenna. The drivers are housed in a handmade cabinet and covered by a magnetic speaker grill. This is a stereo set of active speakers, but you can use them passively and reuse them later in the 5.1 system if you choose.

2. Q Acoustics 3050i

The speakers stand 40 elevations long and 12 elevations deep, so you will need a fair quantum of space to set them up, a home theater experience but they are worth it if you do. Q Acoustics has done a great job of designing the 3050is so that it can be optimized for sound, literally from bottom to top. rather than sitting directly on the bottom, the speakers are balanced on four essence pegs( don’t worry, the company has rubber fenders so they can not scratch your bottom), which reduces their vibration when you hear loud bass. 

3. Enclave Audio CineHome 

If you want an a5.1 compass sound home theater speaker system in a box, your Enclave Audio Cinehome II pack should be seriously considered. 

The system comes with seven factors a brace of16.4- inch front speakers, a brace of6.4- inch hinder speakers, a3.4- inch center channel speaker, a13.8- inch subwoofer, and a1.6- inch CineHub( receiver). The frontal speakers have four” full-range” motorists and three tweets, while the hinder speakers feature a brace of two-inch motorists. This is enough emotional tackle for an ambient sound system that’s fairly small. 

4. Klipsch Dolby Atmos Speaker Bundle

The rearmost interpretation of the word Dolby Atmos is about to start. The audio composites towards you and above you, so the sound hits you horizontally and vertically. The result is audio harkening that literally sounds like it’s coming from all directions, much more immersive than traditional5.1 and7.1 compass sound systems. The Klipsch Speaker Home Theater System pack includes six speakers a brace of11.3- inch bookshelf speakers, a brace of 40- inch bottom standing speakers, a7.3- inch center- channel speaker, and an a14.5- inch subwoofer. Each bookshelf speaker has a 4- inch upholstery and a 1- inch Twitter. 


A home theater is the last thing one thinks of when considering a purchase, but it is the one thing everyone wants. I think this is especially true when it comes to millennials, who are more focused on entertainment than any other generation before them.