Get car insurance without a license

If you need auto insurance, but don’t currently have a driver’s license and don’t know your available options, then this information can help you learn more about auto insurance without a license and how to get it.


We read the situation of Carlos, who is 17 years old and wants to buy his first car, but needs to insure it. Although he already has a temporary driving license, his license has not yet been issued. How can you get car insurance without a license? Is it legit? It is more expensive?

This may also be the case for you, but there are many situations in which even though you do not have a license, some companies can still process your insurance. So do not stress, below, you will find the answers to know how and what to do to obtain your car insurance without a license without major problems.

Car insurance without a license

As a standard procedure, the vast majority of companies will require you to present your driver’s license to study your driving history and thus calculate and establish the cost of your insurance premium. But do not be discouraged, in 4 cases considered special you can get your car insurance without a license, if you follow these tips.

1. I am a teen driver with a driving license

If your case is that of Carlos and the law does not allow you to sign a contract, the best thing you can do is process your car insurance with a smaller company, where, although they appeared in the policy, you are excluded as the main driver (what which means that your car insurance does not use if you are driving).

In this way, a relative could appear in your place, until you reach the age required to obtain auto insurance without a license.

In fact, the price of your insurance may be more favorable if the person you choose as the main driver has a good driving record.

Remember that some companies will allow you to apply for a policy with the license number of the main driver, whether familiar or not.

2. I have health problems and cannot drive my own car

When some physical situation or illness prevents you from driving, such as vision problems, motor problems or you are old. In this case, a good option to obtain car insurance without a license is to designate a chosen driver of your trust who can take you where you need to go.

This driver would become the policyholder for your car, even though you own it. That is very common when you have a driver or a personal caretaker.

However, in some cases companies may require that person to appear on the title to the vehicle; so the first alternative is to ask for help from a family member or a person you trust.

3. My car license is suspended and I have an SR-22

If your license is suspended due to a DUI conviction or multiple violations that you committed, you will need to file an SR-22 (Certificate of Financial Responsibility required by law) proving that you have the minimum coverages necessary to be able to drive legally again. Which will help you show the state that you are responsible and protected.

4. I have a collector’s car and it is exposed to theft

You may have a collector’s car stored in your garage and it is exposed to various dangers such as a flood, fire or even theft. Most likely, you want to insure your investment, even if you are not driving it or do not have a license. For this there are special insurances with a policy for parked cars. Request more information about this unlicensed insurance from your trusted agent.

5. My spouse drives the car the most and has the best driving record

Again, if you want to get car insurance without a license, whether it’s because your license is suspended, expired, or you don’t drive often, you may need to rely on your spouse’s good driving record. As we have already mentioned, he or she must appear in the policy contract as the main driver and as the owner of the vehicle. You could also appear on the policy, but since you do not have a license you are not considered a driver under the law until you appear again as the main driver and have your license in good standing.

I don’t have a license or a driver’s license, but I want to drive and insure my car

This is technically impossible, although in some cases a driver’s license is not required to buy car insurance, you could cause serious problems if you drive without a license in most states of the country. No authorized company will be able to issue insurance in this situation, so be very careful with any company that tells you that they can insure you directly in this way.

Research and request several quotes from different auto insurance companies

Our last advice is to investigate which insurance companies are willing to insure drivers with high-risk profiles, or adolescent drivers. And if they do, you could have high fees. It’s not even easy to find providers that allow you to name someone else as the primary driver, even if they don’t appear on the car’s title deed.

Be honest with the insurance company about your license status

Every insurance company will ask you for a valid license number to check your driving history and view your profile, so don’t risk giving a false or non-existent number, as it will remain on file with the DMV and the insurance company could give you a wrong number. down from the system.

Don’t risk it, avoid fines

Fines and penalties for driving without an active auto insurance policy vary by state, but are generally high fines and penalties ranging from license cancellation to impounding your car. Next, we share with you a list of penalties for driving without insurance in some states of the American Union.