Frequently Asked Decking Questions

We all know that decks constructed with pressure-treated wood are becoming a thing of the past. Although they are not completely common, however, many homeowners are turning on more sustainable and lower maintenance materials to create their stunning outdoor living areas. For those who are only beginning to look into the possibilities of their individual backyard renovation, There are bound to be a lot of frequently asked decking questions…and it’s our duty and pleasure to relay some helpful advice to serve as a guide on the way! We have researched with industry experts like Brite Decking Australia to come up with these answers. 

There are a variety of composite decking brands as well as textures, colors, and price points to pick from, and it’s crucial to understand all the details prior to making a choice. 

What Is Composite Decking?

This is an ideal place to begin. It is a human-made product made of wood waste and recycled plastic, as well as adhesive agents (and some other ingredients such as UV inhibitors) which is cap or encapsulated with PVC. All of these components create an extremely low-maintenance, sturdy stylish, multi-purpose decking material that’s heavier and stronger, as well as having more longevity over pressure-treated lumber by itself!

How Does The Cost Of Composite Decking Compare To Pressure Treated Wood?

Valid question! It is real that the initial price that comes with composite decking is higher than what you’d pay for pressure-treated wood however you must be open to looking at the specifics. It is likely that the price that composite decking has is offset through its durability and warranty. Its resistance to insects and rot, as well as it’s virtually no maintenance. It will help you save time energy, time, and money in the long term. Who wouldn’t want to invest more time relaxing on their deck, rather than caring for it?

Will My Deck Look Like Plastic?

Have you heard the expression, “You get what you pay for?” It’s true in this situation this is absolutely true. If you choose to build your deck of composite materials to enjoy its benefits You should ensure that you’re not compromising on the quality of your deck. The composite deck boards that are cheaper look like plastic and could cause you more trouble than it’s worth. There are a few brands which are taking a lot of effort to make their decks look like the real wood look in patterns colors, sheen, and color. Investigating different brands and the complete range of wood composite decking can guarantee that you understand the entire process and are happy with their appearance.

What Is The Maintenance Of Composite Decking?

It is true the composite deck is maintenance-free, not any maintenance, however, you’ll be happy with the results. In contrast to real wooden decks that are made of wood, you no longer be faced with broken or damaged boards that require replacement or staining or sanding! To clean your composite deck it is all you require is dish soap mixed with hot water. Add a broom with bristles along with a hose…scrub it out and rinse it out! Avoid using the power washer at full blast, or use caustic bleach or chemicals on composite decking. You will do more damage than you can do good!

Does Composite Decking Get Hot?

We’ve all heard that car’s dashboards and steering wheels change to lava when the vehicle is in the sun for too long however, how does that stand up to the composite decking? While your little son or daughter might claim that the flooring is lava, composite decking is definitely not as bad. Let’s get started with the fact that the initial generation of composite decking was far more prone to holding heat than the more durable models available nowadays. Modern plastic decking is quite a long way and is better able to withstand heat. In fact, you’ll notice that composite decking does not become much hotter than conventional wooden decks. The same principles apply. darker decks will be hotter in comparison to lighter composite decking boards…so keep this in mind in case temperature is an issue.

What Colors Are Available?

As we mentioned before the different brands have their own choices, but you’re guaranteed to find a shade that is suitable for your house and tastes! The majority of shades that look like wood or even grey shades are available. Contact your landscape architect If you’re having trouble deciding!

Can I Install Composite Decking On My Own?

Do not let anyone ever claim that you can’t accomplish anything! This is, at least, the message my mother was always telling me. You can technically construct composite decking at your own expense, but we suggest that you let it be done by experts. Why? The answer is that composite decking is an entirely different species from wood that is treated with pressure. 

The professionals who install composite decks often know the guidelines for installation that they have mastered right down to a science or to ensure that the deck is put in place correctly and on time! Installers, for instance, need to take into account an expansion or contraction in deck boards during the cold and hot weather which is why the spacing needs to be at a suitable level.