Four email marketing strategies for real estate marketers

Real estate has become a competitive industry with a lot of realtors joining in. Purchasing a property is not an impulsive decision. They are high-ticket items that need a thought process and consideration before making a decision. 

This means that as a realtor, you need to spend time on your marketing techniques to nurture customers and gain their loyalty. You should stay top-of-mind for potential leads and expand your network through consistent marketing. 

With many digital marketing options available these days, email marketing outperforms the others. Real estate email marketing might require a lot of effort, but the reward is considerably high. 

Thus, to make you stand out from the crowd and grow an immense network of potential clients, this blog will cover everything you need to know about email marketing as a realtor. 

What to consider when creating a real estate email marketing strategy

Before you start putting your effort into real estate email marketing, there are a couple of things you need to understand if you want to drive revenue for the business. Email marketing for realtors includes email newsletters, targeted emails, auto-responders, etc., all of them to build trust and generate potential leads. 

Timing is everything. It is important to stay in constant contact with your customers so that whenever they are ready to buy a property, they contact your real estate business. But too much contact is also not good – nobody likes a pushy realtor. 

Being creative is one of the key factors if you want to achieve results with your email marketing campaign. You need to think up creative real estate marketing ideas that vary with the type of content you send, making it more interesting and attractive for your potential customers. 

Lastly, keep in mind that real estate marketing is a delicate process, and you may not be able to achieve results right away. Customer’s emotions are already running high, and all you need to do is to keep customers on your side. 

Email newsletters

An email newsletter is the simplest form of email marketing, making it a perfect choice for beginners. Just like the printed versions, email newsletters are sent out at a set frequency, typically weekly or monthly. Usually, newsletters share your upcoming events or open houses, your latest listings, the latest real estate trends, or a summary of your real estate blog. 

The purpose of a real estate newsletter is to provide content your readers can count on and keep your services in mind. To avoid being ignored, it should be attractive enough to catch your customer’s attention. To design your email newsletter, try the email templates on PosterMyWall and create your real estate newsletter like no other!

This realtor newsletter from Larry Kloess keeps his brand top of mind with highlights around his city and featured listings that month.

Welcome email or sequence

A welcome email sequence is an automated email or set of emails that go out whenever a new lead subscribes to your newsletters. Such emails help your new subscribers to feel good about their decision to join your email list. In addition, the welcome email sequence can help set expectations of how frequently emails are sent and the information they will provide. 

Welcome emails can drive traffic, encouraging new subscribers to reply directly to your emails. It helps you build trust with the contact right from the start, making them sure that you are there to help them in finding their new home. However, make sure not to spam your new subscriber with a lot of emails, as it might set a very negative first impression. 

Have a look at this welcome email from a realtor in New York. 

 This welcome email from Compass gives three really easy ways to get acquainted with their offers

Design targeted emails 

Ensure that the design of your emails is specific according to the goal of your email marketing campaign. For instance, the structure of your property bulletins should be different from your newsletters, or from your appointment confirmations for listing viewings. 

While each email must be optimized according to what you want to achieve, every email you send should be on brand so that the receiver can instantly recognize they are from your real estate agency. 

Customers get confused with realtors who fail to differentiate emails, making them complex and misleading which leads to losing out customers. Thus, once you have laid out your expected results, design a different email for every goal you want to achieve. 

Sample email from Zillow provides multiple calls to action

Include flyers in your emails

As your emails need to be interesting and engaging to people who are considering buying a house, you should know how to include every bit of information while keeping them easy to read. 

Flyers are one more way to achieve success with your real estate emails, especially for driving traffic at your open house. They are easy to design while being able to sustain all your important information. Customers prefer to get all the relevant information at once rather than receiving multiple emails, and you can only do this by including open house flyers in your emails. Read on to this blog post to further know how to use real estate flyers for your business growth. 

Real Estate Flyer Template A4

Wrapping it up

Real estate email marketing is more than just the content within the emails. With the competition being too high, having high engagement with your email marketing can ensure that your potential customers are taking notice and will surely consider you when the time comes to buy or sell a property. For your campaign to be a worthwhile venture, follow the above-mentioned strategies and beat your competitors in real estate email marketing.