Five Box Packaging Ideas For Your Cereal Boxes

Are custom cereal boxes worth the hype and purchase? Do you want to coin your identity in the billion-dollar market? Congratulations! You are in the perfect spot. Custom cereal boxes perform an important role for the branding and promoting of newly introduced cereal brands.

Over the decades, customized packaging has evolved to a great extent. And brands are spending a fortune on the boxes because it is worth it. Surprisingly each packaging is unique, creative, and attractive in its way. The best part? It hooks cereal lovers, triggers them to make a purchase, and turns them into repeat customers. And the cycle continues and reaps immense benefits for your business in the long run. Sounds terrific!

But designing small cereal boxes is not a piece of cake. Here is the catch; iCustomBoxes has been an OG custom box designer for decades. You name the box style, color, size, material, and thickness, and we have it. It doesn’t matter if you are hunting for large or small-sized boxes; our packaging geniuses are on it!

We manufacture Kraft and cardboard cereal boxes at discount prices with all the custom options at your own desire.

We have rounded up five effective tips to make your packaging worthwhile. Let us hop on them one by one.

1. Give Your Best Shot With A Customized Logo

Would you choose a customized cereal box with a logo or no logo? Perfect!

Before making a purchase, cereal lovers are vigilant about the brand’s reputation and services. They are smart enough and are not ready to splash out on untrustworthy food labels. And they prefer to go with food suppliers that are credible, famous, and have five-star customer reviews. So an authentic logo is a must-have.

If your packaging is void of a branded logo, that’s a big blunder. The truth is the world of packaging is teeming with copycats. Manufacturers that don’t have a team of expert graphic designers, estimators, and quality control end up stealing your hard work. And that’s unfair! On top of that, it pushes your customers away, and you lose your potential sales.

Do you want to secure your customized cereal packaging and customers? Prominent logo rocks.

2. Close The Customer With Our Top-Notch Customized Coatings

Back then, it was a tiresome task to convince cereal lovers to make a purchase. But now things have changed in 2022 for all good reasons. The credit goes to bespoke packaging; we mean it!

Cereal boxes wholesale placed on retail shelves, cash, or food display counter speaks volumes of your brand’s perfection. It effortlessly projects your brand in the best way and takes the customers on a roller coaster adventure. But hold on a second. All your hard work can go down the drain within seconds. Wondering how?

Rough, uneven, and dirty box surfaces are a big NO!

It ruins the tactile experience, pisses off the customers, and results in negative word of mouth. Undoubtedly no food manufacturer is in for such a disastrous consequence.

Good news! iCustomBoxes offers an outstanding range of customized surface coatings

  • Gloss lamination- provides protection, shine, and sophistication under one roof!
  • Matte lamination- want a less reflective, muted look with a velvety texture? Matte lamination wins the top spot.
  • Aqueous coating- it improves durability and deters dirt and fingerprints. It is an ideal coating if you are a sucker for eco-friendly coating.
  • Spot UV:  Make your custom cereal box stand out with spot UV. It is applied to a particular area like a logo, illustration, or text and gives a sharp feel against the background.

To sum up, the customized surface coatings amp up the buyer’s tactile experience and make them your die-hard fans.

3. Cement Your Brand’s Presence With Communicative Packaging

We are elated that the customers loved your box style, color, and artwork! But we have a problem. What does the box contain? The customers are confused about your brand’s vision and product, and we mean everything. Nothing connects or resonates with the buyers. They can’t make sense of the packaging because it’s blank!

Our packaging experts are here to provide effective packaging solutions.

It is crucial to make your customized cereal box relatable. The moment the foodies look at your packaging, they can’t help saying, WOW. And that’s possible if you incorporate all the relevant product details in the packaging.

  • Nutritional chart information
  • Production and expiration date
  • Usage, benefits, and side effects
  • Price rate
  • Contact information
  • QR code

Hence, authentic cereal information is paramount, apart from colors, font, and images. Don’t skimp on that part ever.

4. Say No To Complicated Packaging!

We know cereals are highly nutritious, lightweight, and hot favorite breakfast items across the globe. Whether you are late for school or work or have to catch a flight, all you need is a bowl full of cereals. You open the box flap, take out the cereals, and put them back in the container-its that simple!

Unfortunately, brands land in hot waters when they overlook the importance of easy, convenient, and lightweight packaging. The customers feel agitated and often end up getting cuts. On top of that, it is a big-time waster.

We encourage and support right-sized, flexible, and easy-to-use boxes. There is no room for stupid and complicated packaging. Explore our design library and choose the box style you adore. We have a tuck front, reverse tuck end, tray, and sleeve packaging, and cereal box with die-cut.

5. Maintain Your Brand With Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is synonymous with recyclability. We take pride in playing our part in green development. We aim to take our customers, business, and planet side by side without hurting anyone. Isn’t that a big achievement?

Eco-friendly custom small cereal boxes are recyclable, safe, and practical and offer a huge margin for customization. We got the skills to impress the customers, jack up sales and improve your brand standing in the competitive market. If you religiously incorporate all the points in your packaging, nothing can stop your brand from going places.

The wait is over; join the iCustomBoxes club at the drop of a hat!