Find a relevant job in UAE on a visiting visa

Each year there is an increase in the job market in the United Arab Emirates offering several vacancies. A question clouds up the mind, how can one find jobs in UAE when on a visiting visa? The answer is simple – make your CV stand out and be on the top of the applicant list. But writing on your curriculum vitae about your visit “expiring soon” – will NOT land you your dream job!

Being career-oriented, it may be your aim to work abroad and make lots of cash.

Getting a job in Dubai will also improve your living standards. That is why we have penned down everything you need to know before starting hunting for a job!

Tips to get a job on a Tourist Visa

Finding jobs in UAE when you are on a visiting visa requires extremely hard work and dedication. It is not a one-day process that can be done quickly. Instead, it will demand not only patience but also a passion to have a perfect job in UAE. So, it is better to form a strategy to get a job in Dubai before your visa gets expired. If it’s about your dream job, taking baby steps toward your goal in advance will provide some bonus points.

Follow these tried and tested tips and ultimately get a job in Dubai.

●      Mark the Calendar

Travel when you know there are jobs in UAE. Experts suggest flying to Dubai between October to February will bring a number of vacancies. It will be one step ahead of the game if you start building your network beforehand. Connect with employers and HR recruiters over LinkedIn or through email. And then once the vacancies are open – you know it is the right time to hit the target vacancies!

●      List down the relevant corporations

Now, make a list of companies that are offering jobs in your preferable fields. Or you can also choose based on your skills or the career you want to pursue further. Get all the important details of the company like address, contact number, and email id that will help you easily connect with them.

●      Update your resume

Many job seekers make the mistake of not having a proper CV. The best news is, that you can get your CV in Dubai tailored by professional CV writers. They will do your task within no time! Just make sure to provide all the required details that you think need to be added to your CV.

●      Don’t waste time

Do not waste your time. You have a limited time to get yourself a job when you are on a visit visa to Dubai. It is completely your luck either to find a permanent or a temporary job in UAE. So, make sure to use this time wisely. That’s fine if you want to visit tourist places – but you can do that later too. The most urgent thing for you is to find a job while staying in UAE.

Steps to get hired for a vacancy in Dubai

There are a few steps that one must follow to get the desired outcome and become “the chosen one.” Scroll a bit and know what’s still missing.

1. Be professional

Finding a job in UAE on a visiting visa isn’t an easy task. But the step you need to implement is – never show your desperation in front of the hiring manager. Groom yourself into a mature and professional being. If your visa has expired, no need to be stressed about it. As the managers who are interested in you working with their team will always find a way. Whether they will conduct an over-the-internet interview or they will provide you with a return plane ticket and work visa!

2. Make sure your Cover letter is ready along with your CV

This is a step closer to getting a job in Dubai. Your curriculum vitae must not contain errors or plagiarism. The details provided in both the cover letter and CV must be accurate. You can also get help from a resume maker in Dubai and get a perfect cover letter and CV in your hands.

3. Indicate your availability to the interviewer

As we have mentioned above, there is no need to show your desperation. But when you’re finding a job in UAE on visiting visa, mention the dates you would be available for an interview. It will let the interested hiring managers contact you right away.

4. Provide Contact details

Add your contact details in your CV and cover letter. It will include, your address of your home country. Also, add your number and your email. It will help the recruiters to get back to you even after your departure date.

5. Walk-in interviews

Some companies hire based on walk-in interviews. So, if you have applied online and you are not present in Dubai – it would be such a great loss! Instead what you can do is, drop your job application and make sure to mention your presence in Dubai. Do it professionally!

6. Show your gratitude

Drop a “Thank You” note to your interviewer right after the interview. It will leave a positive impact on your recruiter – with high chances of you getting a callback! Your recruiter will also remember your name and the interview he/she had with you!


If you are on a visit to Dubai and want to secure a job – undoubtedly you can’t get a better chance! But to hit a jackpot, you must do your homework really well. We are sure you do not want your CV to land in a bin over a pile of job applications. Therefore, focus on your CV and cover letter. And also start an in-depth search on the agencies that are hiring employees. 

For you to reach the heights of success, we have written down all the details in this blog. Hope you will get the most out of it and get your goals fulfilled.