Looking for ideas for a sage green kitchen?  Read on for some of our favorite suggestions for making your kitchen’s color scheme bright and alluring. Even though sage green is currently quite in style for kitchens, it is not a fad that will soon fade.  Instead, you’ll continue to adore this relaxing, fresh color for years because it is a natural, nearly neutral choice. 

You can utilize this color with modern kitchen cabinets and bold-colored accessories to give this color the perfect cool vibes in the kitchen.

Read on for some of our favorite suggestions for making your kitchen’s color scheme include sage green, from the walls of the kitchen to the cabinets.


The color sage green is ideal for your kitchen’s walls. It works great in small kitchens to open up your space and make the room appear more significant than it is because it is a pretty light color and doesn’t dominate.

It also looks beautiful in larger kitchens, making the room feel open and airy and warm and welcoming. The walls might be painted sage green, or you could use it with a contrasting color to make a focal point wall. All other walls might be white with a sage green accent wall, or the rest of your walls could be sage with a deep forest green accent.

You can also experiment with various textures to give your space dimension. Sage green wall tiles can help open up your area and are a terrific way to contrast bland white or grey walls. Alternatively, don’t be afraid to experiment with paneling if you have a broader space to work with. 

Painting your kitchen paneling a lovely sage green gives it more depth, and when combined with diverse textures like wooden floors and brass lighting, it gives it an intriguing, contemporary look.


Sage green kitchen cabinets are an excellent way to give your kitchen an organic, natural vibe. It’s a great option for traditional kitchens and complements wood beautifully; its subdued tones look lovely against raw pine and oak. You might choose sage green base units and wooden wall cabinets or the opposite.

Of course, sage green is a terrific choice if you’d prefer to have your kitchen cabinetry all the same color. It’s a smart choice for kitchens of any design because it’s subdued and not overpowering. Use handleless cabinets and open wall cupboards to create a sleek, contemporary design while showcasing your favorite dinnerware.

To create a modern and classic design, sage kitchen units look great when matched with exposed brick walls. Consider a statement-tiled floor with an abstract design or mosaic tiling to break up the space between your base units and wall cabinets. Subdued sage cabinets and units also allow you to go all out with your flooring and tiling without it being too overbearing. 

When planning your floor or wall designs, remember that neutral sage can hold any color well, but it looks particularly well with mild red and warmer reds and purples that contrast beautifully with cool sage green.

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Green is immediately opposite red on the color wheel, meaning they go together better than any other colors. Sage pairs nicely with pale, muted reds, pinks, and muted purples since it is at the more subdued end of the green spectrum.

As previously indicated, Sage can be paired with muted red, but if that feels too daring, you can also use a gentle, dark pink. For a gentle, classy kitchen, sage green kitchen cabinets and light pink wall tiles would look fantastic together.

It also looks fantastic with bright, clean white as an alternative. Sage green and white are peaceful together, but the green also gives some color to a white kitchen, which may occasionally feel cold. For a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, you might wish to choose sage green kitchen cabinets and white walls or vice versa.

Sage and grey go well together to create an earthy, natural-looking kitchen. Choose green cabinets with grey countertops and complementary furniture for a polished appearance that will remain fashionable for years. Add a few plants, matching decorations and appliances, and wall space to hang a few planters, or place a trailing plant at the edge of a shelf to enhance the outside vibe.

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Sage has the unique property of looking just as well in a contemporary kitchen as in a traditional one. However, to create a two-tone impression, add a secondary green shade to make it look incredibly contemporary.

Sage green kitchen cabinets contrast beautifully with a solid dark green kitchen island, making the island the room’s center point. A darker green for the base units and sage green for the wall cabinets will provide an illusion of more great room in a smaller kitchen when using this type of two-tone style. This is a great option to open up your kitchen if it doesn’t get a lot of natural light.

Sage tiles can also be used to change the textures in your kitchen, especially if you decide to go with a matte finish for your cabinets rather than a gloss one. Sage tiles go well with cabinets of any color but choose blush pink or a soft buttery yellow for a more modern appearance. Bright accessories give your kitchen an extra splash of color and are simple to replace as the weeks, months, and years go by to keep it feeling new.


Sage green looks stunning in any kitchen, no matter how you choose to incorporate it, whether it’s a sage accent wall, modern kitchen cabinets, or simply pops of color in your accessories.  If you want new kitchen cabinets, buy them from Kitchen Cabinet Design in Orland Park, Illinois, for the finest quality cabinets!

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