Bhutan hotel bookings have seen an incredible rise over years. From just a few lodging facilities back then to now being one of the many countries with the finest luxury experiences offered to travelers- the Kingdom is sharing happiness in its true form. 

The Postcard Hotel’s first resort in Bhutan, with scenic landscapes and specially curated experiences in the heart of the Kingdom, The Postcard Dewa is a must-visit. Dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience of this pristine, year-round destination – one of the happiest places in the world – the resort is designed to complement its uniquely beautiful setting. 

The luxury resort, with its red-ochre and white walls and sloping roofs, perched on a hill off the highway to Thimphu is a perfect escape for travelers to discover the rich culture, traditions, and mountain life. 

Set against the backdrop of magnificent mountains, all of the resort’s thirteen rooms and two luxury suites are rich in natural light, space, and traditional details. What’s more? Each room has a private sit-out,  just ideal for taking in the scenery with a cup of tea or coffee. 

Each experience at The Postcard is conceptualized to provide a true sense of the neighborhood and the destination. Bhutan, being a culturally rich and diverse country offers a wealth of immersive experiences for every traveler- adventurous hikes to some of the most celebrated monasteries, visiting Buddhist temples, or even a picnic by the Wang Chhu river.  

The Postcard Hotel is committed to working closely with the local community, recognizing them as the heroes of crafting insightful and progressive odysseys. As curators for their guests, the brand wants travelers to appreciate the distinct identity of each destination through its history, architecture, culture, food, and, most importantly, its people. A small, joyous way of giving back to the community and integrating them is through employing and training locals – bringing cultural authenticity to their hotels. They also actively support artists and artisans from the region. Take the walls of each guest room at The Postcard Dewa, Thimphu, for instance, intricately hand painted by a local artist – an exhibition of the artists’ lived experiences showcased through murals, depicting the people, society, and traditions of Bhutan. 

The stay at The Postcard Dewa, Thimphu is incomplete without indulging in the regional Bhutanese cuisine. An amalgamation of being authentic, well-researched, organic, and fresh. Their passionate food & beverage team put in extensive effort in the specific region, going back to the roots of foraging into its culinary treasures to curate an exceptional experience for their guests. Some of the star dishes on the menu include traditional dishes like Ema Datshi, Maru, and Paksha Paa. 

The Postcard is committed to procuring the highest quality local produce to serve organic, pesticide-free food. At the hotel in Bhutan, the use of nutritious ingredients such as buckwheat, quinoa, and local chilies not only promotes a healthier future but also helps regional farmers. Fun fact: Bhutan is the world’s biggest per-capita consumer of chilies- evident once you sit down to enjoy a wholesome local meal. 

A beacon of bliss and blessings, Bhutan straddles on the belief that happiness and faith are two intertwining ideals that are not only synergistic of one but also inseparable. Faith for the Bhutanese is not the power to move peaks but rather to penetrate deep into them and to be one with the mountains. Faith is offering incense. Faith is lighting butter lamps. Faith is hoisting prayer flags. Faith is believing that there is no greater joy than giving, and being a channel of blessing is as profound as receiving it. Unravel a discovery of bliss and blessings in Bhutan with an experiential stay at The Postcard Dewa. 

While Bhutan hotel booking can feel like an elongated process, The Postcard Hotel allows for the entire process to be smooth, guiding one at every step of your journey. The aim is to enhance and make the guest experience smooth and hassle-free. From the moment the guest books the hotel to the moment he steps out of the hotel- every part of the experience is mindfully curated to give a holistic experience that inculcates the traditions, culture, and heritage of the destination. 

When visiting Bhutan, it’s only right to begin your journey with a short hike to a local monastery. A small, 7th-century temple overlooking the valley is one of The Postcard Dewa’s best-kept secrets. Get an exceptional opportunity to meet the lama and light some butter lamps as the hotel guides you around this ancient site.

Another experience that is extremely breathtaking and magnificent is the ‘foraging in the forest’. The Postcard Dewa strives to be unique, and this experience is truly authentic and one-of-a-kind. There are many native plants used for food and medicine in Bhutan, and the local communities organize festivals to promote sustainable harvesting. Take a trip to the forest to forage for rare plants and mushrooms found only in Bhutan at certain times of the year.

All of the hotel’s 13 rooms and two luxury suites of The Postcard Dewa are beautifully set against the backdrop of dramatic mountain landscapes. Each of them is rich in natural light, space, and traditional details. What’s more? each of the rooms comes with its own, ample private sit-outs —  just perfect for taking in the scenery with a cup of tea or coffee. 

The Postcard Dewa, Thimphu takes their guests on an experience when holidays were sun-kissed and still, where the days were spent idling and flipping through old magazines against the backdrop of charming, quiet neighborhoods. In that spirit, The hotel combines the subtle art of luxury with simplicity, aiding travelers to retreat to a life they have always wanted – simple, unhurried, and filled with rich, little discoveries. The Postcard Hotel is dedicated to bringing the best luxury resorts in India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and many more destinations. Each destination offers a distinctive story to leisure travelers of today, forging a relationship with both their surroundings as well as themselves.

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