EMR Systems List – Which EMR Systems Are Right For Your Practice?

There are many different EMR systems list available on the market. They all offer unique functionality and features to suit different medical practices.

The right EMR software can help you save time and improve clinical efficiency. It can also provide expert customer support to address any questions or problems you may have.

iClinic MD

iClinic MD is a feature-rich, fully certified EHR that improves workflow and helps you meet meaningful use, MACRA/MIPS or other value-based reimbursement incentives. It has everything from electronic billing and practice management to complete clinical data integration and telehealth.

Designed by physicians for physicians, iClinic MD has the power to help your practice grow and prosper. Its impressive suite of tools includes a robust set of telehealth, omni-channel patient engagement, chronic care management, and remote monitoring features. It also comes with a built-in social media dashboard that allows you to connect with your community on a whole new level.

The system is a bit pricey to implement for a small group, but it’s worth the investment. The features and functionality are impressive, and the software is easy to learn. It’s also an ideal solution for those who wish to implement a paperless office.

The system has been a great addition to our practice and it has helped us improve productivity, quality of care, and patient satisfaction. It also has helped us save time, money and effort, all while improving our bottom line.


OpenEMR is a free and open source EHR (Electronic Health Record) that offers a variety of features and benefits to healthcare practitioners. It is ONC Complete Ambulatory EHR Certified and it also offers a wide range of other features including medical billing, scheduling, internationalization, electronic document management, and much more.

The software has a user-friendly interface and a lot of helpful tools for doctors and patients. It can be used on various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

It is available in several languages and is currently installed in Pakistan, India, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Australia, Sweden, Israel, Kenya, and many other countries around the world. It has a strong support community and is an extremely popular EMR.

OpenEMR is a powerful system that can help practices manage patients and reduce costs by automating processes like lab requests. It also enables doctors to track patient demographics and use a clinic decisions rule engine to deliver optimized, personalized care.

Kipu EMR

Kipu EMR is an electronic medical record (EMR) system that’s designed specifically for behavioral health and addiction treatment centers. It features an integrated CRM that enables clinics to manage referrals, boost marketing efforts and streamline admission processes.

It also offers powerful billing software that can increase cash flow by automating claim rules engines, reducing staff error and increasing revenue. It includes management dashboards that empower teams to prioritize workloads, alert them of critical issues, and track progress to ensure everything gets done on time.

Moreover, it includes a patient portal that delivers critical information to patients and their authorized contacts. This online information-sharing platform allows them to access and exchange clinical and administrative documentation, view appointments and medications, launch telehealth sessions and more—all in real time.

Moreover, it helps clinicians and staff facilitate assessments, create treatment plans, add progress notes, generate custom reports, and help with discharge planning. It also integrates with labs and other systems, eliminating paper work. It’s HIPAA compliant, offers a centralized patient database, and is easy to use.


Sevocity is a cloud-based medical solution for practices seeking a highly customizable EHR. It features unlimited customization services, free personalized training, and US-based live support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It is used by practices in over 30 specialties and includes pre-built specialty content plus practice-specific workflows. The software is also ONC 2015-compliant with a number of standard EHR features.

Aside from these, the software has many other features and tools that can help you streamline your workflow and improve efficiency. These include a patient portal, ad hoc medical reporting, real-time alerts, a centralized dashboard for tracking and monitoring patients, customization assistance, e-faxing, and more.

The platform also offers a free data migration tool for transferring medical information from legacy systems to the EHR system. In addition, it has partnered with various billing systems and platforms to develop efficient integrations.

The software is designed to automate clinical operations and practice management workflows. It is primarily intended for solo and small medical practices. It is ONC and Stage 2 certified, and it is suited for a variety of specialties including pain management, community health centers, and internal medicine.

ReLi Med Solutions

ReLi Med Solutions offers a full-scale EHR, practice management and patient portal solution for small to midsize ambulatory care practices. It can be installed on-premises or hosted as a cloud application. It includes features such as multi-level claim scrubbing, insurance verification, billing and compliance, Rx requests, charting and customizable reporting.

It also has a Tele Medicine feature, which lets providers see patients remotely through video conferencing technology. In addition, it can connect with labs, pharmacies, HIEs, and patient portals.

Using ReLi Med, one practice reported saving $12,540 in its first year of implementation. The software also has an intuitive user-experience that makes it easy to learn and use.

Its built-in templates can be customized to suit any medical practice. In addition to this, it is designed to be easy to integrate with labs, pharmacies, HIEs, Patient Portals, and other systems. It has a customizable dashboard to keep track of all data from its various modules. The company also offers a free trial and a free user guide. Its support team is available through email and phone.


If you’re looking for an EMR system that is based on clinical practice, Praxis is a great choice. This software provides a wide range of features and works with any medical specialty.

In addition, it is easy to use and has a great support team. It’s also very affordable and customizable.

Unlike other template-based EMR systems, Praxis focuses on actual clinical practice and patient experience. This results in better medical care.

Additionally, the software has a knowledge exchanger feature that allows doctors to access different thought units and share their experiences with other practitioners. This helps physicians build collaborative relationships, which improves the art of medicine.

The Praxis framework is free and open to users, and is available in a wide range of languages. It includes an encyclopaedia of tools and techniques, templates, articles, a 360-degree capability maturity assessment tool and a glossary of project management terminology.

In addition to its free content, the Praxis framework is designed to reduce training and operating costs. It also minimizes the time needed to build and maintain an effective project delivery infrastructure.

InSync Healthcare Solutions

InSync Healthcare Solutions is an MU-2 certified provider of a full suite of integrated EMR and practice management platforms. The company focuses on providing the best user experience to its clients and serves thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Insync offers a comprehensive EHR platform with features for behavioral health, medical billing, patient scheduling, and telemedicine. The company’s products are designed to help practices optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Improved Efficiency: Automated tasks save time and decrease the risk of human error. It also streamlines the workflow and helps practitioners stay on top of their schedules.

Dedicated Customer Support: InSync has an excellent customer support team, which is available via phone and email. This allows users to get in touch with knowledgeable staff members when they have questions or concerns about the software.

Patients’ Progress Update: The patient progress update tool is an important feature of InSync EMR. It enables clinicians to track client progress and check for potential medical problems before they become more serious.

Clinicient INSIGHT is a unified cloud-hosted EMR solution that helps rehabilitation therapy practitioners foster strong patient-doctor relationships. This EMR helps practitioners synchronize clinical and financial data without hassle, making it easy to manage their facilities.

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MicroMD is an EMR software company that offers a variety of practice management and electronic medical records solutions. They are customizable, scalable and easy to use for medical practices and health centers of any size.

With a range of practice management features, including scheduling, registration, billing, claims management, collection and clearinghouse integration, MicroMD helps practitioners manage patient care and revenue cycle effectively. In addition, MicroMD e-prescribing is designed to enhance the patient experience and reduce healthcare costs.

In addition to practice management and EMR software, MicroMD also offers a document management solution that is designed to help your business achieve a paperless office. Its integrated features allow you to capture documentation at the time of patient registration, during treatment and during follow-up.

The Henry Schein company provides simple, easy-to-use solutions to help medical and community health centers improve service while reducing administrative burdens. Their practice management systems include automated patient eligibility verification, claim tracking and UDS reporting to meet grant requirements. Additionally, they offer an extensive array of presentation options for management and financial reports.