Eliminating Pet Stain Marks from the Carpet- 7 PRO Tips 

Having pets is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. However, you need to prepare for the clean-up. Accidents can happen continuously and being a pet owner, you have to be prepared to clean the mess of your lovable pet. It is annoying when your pet urinates or vomits on the carpet of your living room. 

The old times are games when pet stains were permanent. However, you don’t need to worry about pet strains, as we bring you the top 7 professional tools for pet stain removal from the carpet.

Why Are Pet Stains Hard To Eliminate?

The most significant pet stains are vomit, urine, and faeces. Though they are not very pleasant subjects, they are worth discussing! 

These are the hard stains to eliminate, even worse than the stain of red wine. The key cause that pet strains are challenging to eliminate is they contain substances from the body like bile along with strong odour. So, when it comes to proper carpet cleaning in Glasgow, both odour and discolouration need to be eliminated. 

Do Not Scrub

Out of frustration and determination, homeowners often use scrubbing action in order to eliminate the pet stain. Upholstery and carpets are different from hard surfaces. But, while considering scrubbing, the stains go deeper into the fabric and set in into the fibres. 

So, when you consider cleaning the pet stains, try gently blowing the specific area with a clean cloth. Never put any pressure while cleaning the stain. 

Eliminate as much solid and liquid waste as possible 

Whether there is a stain from vomit, faeces or urine, the initial step is to always eliminate as much solid and liquid as possible before you opt for carpet cleaning. 

For the urine, try using a clean cotton rag and dab the specific areas. Homeowners often want to turn the rag after every dab so that they can remove the liquid properly.

For vomit and faeces, consider using a paper towel or cotton rah in order to eliminate solid waste. Be sure you do not push or smear the waste. When the solid waste gets eliminated properly, try using a cotton rag to dab up the liquid. 

Instead of using a paper towel or cotton rag, you can also use newspaper. Here you nede to place multiple layers of newpaper over the specific area and stand to let the new paper absorb the liquid. 

Begin with water

When the majority of the liquid and solid waste has been eliminated, now you can go for carpet cleaning. Spray the specific area with plain water. But, make sure you do not oversoak the area since it can soak the stain into the fabric along with the underlying layers. 

The real technique is just lightly spraying the area with plain water and then dabbing using a newspaper or paper towel. 

Apply a Mild carpet cleaning product 

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps, then the majority of the stains should be eliminated already. Now, you nede to apply a mild carpet cleaning solution in order to clean up the rest of the odour or stain.

This is always recommended to go for carpet cleaning solutions that are specifically designed to remove pet stains and odours. This solution contains enzymes that break down the odour and stain. 

Removing the odour is very essential since pets tend to return to specific areas to relieve themselves. Try following the steps with plain water. Lightly spray and dab with a towel and repeat the same! 

Clean the Carpet On a Regular Interval 

Regular carpet cleaning helps to eliminate any residual stain or odour as well as pet hair, dust, grime and other substances that make your carpet look dingy. You can rent carpet cleaning equipment from your local shop or you can also make a purchase at a reasonable price. Regular light cleaning is always suggested if you have multiple pets and heavy foot traffic. 

Buy the Right Type Of Carpet Cleaning Solution 

When it comes to urine stains, steam cleaners aren’t necessarily the best bet. The heat from the process tends to odour and discolour the fibres of the upholstery and carpet. 

Always, keep in mind that urine strains are best dealt with by hand with a mild carpet cleaning solution. And always try to go for high-quality neutralising cleaning products. If you are not confident about the best carpet cleaning equipment and solutions, then consult with professionals. 

Spot Cleaning 

When you are done with the cleaning process, check if the stain is still visible or not. You should also check the odour as well. If you still find odour or visible stain, then it indicates that the area needs spot cleaning.

Buy high-quality spot-cleaning solutions and spray on the stain. Let it set for a whole and then dab it with a cotton rag or paper towel. Dried stains can be harder to eliminate. In the case of old stains, you need to go for a more powerful carpet cleaning solution. 

Do Not Use Vinegar Or Ammonia 

One of the most generic household tips that most of us hear about is using ammonia or vinegar to clean the pet stain from the carpet. Even though it might emulate the odour and stain, the smell of these products attracts pets to do the same thing again in the same area. 

Practice Patience 

This is the most basic yet most effective tip when dealing with pet stains is to be patient. Be patient with your pet, and always remember that accidents are not intentional. 

Make sure to go slow with the initial solid and liquid cleanup. Light carpet cleaning is always suggested since you want to avoid helping the stains soak into the filling and padding. 

How do you prevent pet stains?

There are some genuine ways that help to prevent pet stains. Some of the most prevalent ways include- 

  • Try cleaning the pet messes right away
  • For liquid and solid waste, try using a cotton rag or paper towel
  • Consider purchasing a mind carpet cleaning solution
  • Try vacuuming at least twice a week
  • Trim your pet’s nails at regular intervals
  • Try to use pet-friendly carpet cleaning products
  • Use a fibre protector

How To Deep Clean Your Carpet Using DIY Method?

  • Initially sprinkle some baking soda over the strained area on your carpet.
  • Then mix some shampoo with warm water and put the mixture into a spray bottle
  • Now, spray the mixture into the stained area and clean the area with a carpet brush
  • Repeat the same for best results.

Why It Is Essential To Clean Carpets?

A carpet that is not cleaned at regular intervals might cause serious health hazards, even if it looks to be clean. Regular carpet cleaning helps to eliminate bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens, which helps you and your family breathe easier and reduces the potential risk of allergies and other health issues. 

Ending Notes 

Now, you are well aware of how to clean the out stain from your carports. And you can see how simple it is! The most prevalent thing is to act fast if your pet makes a mess to reduce the potential damage to your carpet fabric. For more special tips, stay tuned with us!