Electrical Testing, Certificates and EICR London 2023

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EICR London (Electrical Testing)

The EICR London involves the inspection of electrical equipment/appliances to ensure safety. The visual inspection will reveal most electrical malfunctions. Some appliances may require additional testing. Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) requires all electrical equipment that can cause injury to be maintained safely.

Computers, fans, microwaves, and kettles are all electrical items that will need testing. This includes any device with a plug and a power lead intended to be powered by an electrical main.

The following is the procedure for EICR London:

  • An appliance inspection will be performed, which includes a visual inspection and examination of the plug and flex. These can often show signs of damage.
  • Every plug will be checkedensuresure the fuse is working correctly, and all connections are correct.
  • A variety of electrical tests (e.g., insulation) will be performed.
  • An appliance will receive a label that documents various information. You will be familiar with these labels from other appliances. It will indicate whether the appliance passed or failed. It will also contain the date of the test and retest.
  • Each appliance has been tested and inspected. All of this information will be combined into a report.
  • We will present and issue a EICR London report and certificate.

Visual Inspections

We inspect the current electrical system visually during visual inspections. A thorough inspection is necessary when you are considering buying a home. A team will inspect the property and provide a report detailing its current condition and any work required to bring it up to standards. These inspections are often helpful during negotiations for buying or selling a house.

A image of EICR London

EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Review)

The EICR London (Electrical Installation Condition Report), formerly known as a PIR, is a report that documents the condition and standards for the mains electricity installation on a property. It’s designed to identify unsafe faults, defects, and safety issues per the BS7671 electric regulation.

EICR Procedures

The property’s mains electricity supply will need to be disconnected during the completion of an EICR London. The report’s time taken to complete will be reflected in the size of the property. To ensure the safety of electricians and other workers, it is necessary to disconnect the mains’ power. This allows us to perform the necessary tests on the electrical circuits. This can be a hassle, but it is essential.

Visual Inspections

A visual inspection of the property will be done before any electrical testing. This inspection will reveal any issues such as overheating or overloading. The inspection will also reveal areas that are in poor condition.

Tests for Dead Electricity

The mains power is disconnected for dead electrical tests. Testing includes Continuity Testing (Earthing Arrangement Testing), Polarity Testing, Insulation Resistance Testing, and Polarity Testing.

Live Testing

These tests can only be done with mains power connected. Live testing includes Earth fault loop testing and RCD testing.

Your final EICR report

A range of codes can indicate whether an electrical installation meets current regulations. These codes are labeled C1 through C3. These identifiers will be displayed on the EICR London, along with any descriptions of faults. This will result in the report being either satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

  • C1 – “Dangerous” – There is a risk of injury, and immediate repairs are necessary.
  • C2 – “Potentially Dangerous” – Urgent action is needed
  • C3 – “Improvement Recommended” – Improvements can be made.

If the condition is deemed ‘unsatisfactory’, we will document and describe the work required to make it satisfactory. Our expert teams can fix your fault, whether domestic or commercial. Contact us at 020 3239 0374 for expert advice or online.

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Frequently Asked Questions – EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

Q: Help! I am confused. What information do I need?

It cannot be very clear for those not familiar with the industry. These are generally the same but may be referred to slightly differently depending on the context. It may be called a periodic electrical report by landlords or an EICR London by homeowners. We can quickly identify your legal obligations if you are still unsure.

Q: What is the cost of one of these reports?

Commonly, we complete the EICR certificate in London, United Kingdom for most properties for PS175 ex. VAT. You will receive a digital copy of the report via email as a PDF. If you lose the digital copy, we will store it digitally. The cost will be higher if you live in a seven-bedroom house. To get an accurate price, it is best to call us.

Q: How long does it take to complete the report?

A local electrician will usually be present for half a day to one full day. The report will be generated and sent by email within 1-2 hours.

Q: Can the certificate be canceled?

Yes. Yes. If it isn’t up to standard, it will fail. This is our legal obligation.

Q: Do I need an inspection certificate as a landlord?

The landlord is responsible. You have a legal responsibility to ensure that all electrical equipment is maintained and safe throughout the tenancy. This includes lighting, plug sockets, and internal wiring.

All fixed electrical equipment supplied by your property’s electric meter is an electrical installation. It is important to properly maintain electrical installations as they are subject to wear and tear.

You could face criminal prosecution if you fail to comply with these obligations. Also, most landlord insurance policies will be invalidated if you do not meet them. It is essential to have regular inspections and electrical safety certifications for your tenants. This will ensure your safety and reputation.

Q: How long can periodic electrical condition reports be valid for landlords?

If the property is rented, it will usually be for 5 years. For domestic homeowners (who are not renting the property), it is generally 5 years. Further information is available on the government website.

Q: What can the report on electrical inspection potentially reveal?

  • Find out if equipment or circuitry is overloading.
  • Discover any potential electrical shock hazards, including fire hazards.
  • Recognize any electrical problems.
  • Please do so if you cannot document the absence of bonding or earthing.

To ensure that the equipment is safe, wiring and fixed electric equipment are subject to thorough EICR London. For future reference, a schedule of circuits is created.